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„Spiel, Satz und Match“

Zur kollaborativen Spezifik von Dating-Apps

Teresa Opper

Realität können daher einmal mehr nicht als Gegensätze, sondern ihre Verbindung als „hybrid spaces“ ( Farman 2012 : 15) bzw. hybrid ecologies – „[which] bridge the physical-digital divide“ (Crabtree/Rodden 2008: 481) – betrachtet werden. Für die App-Mitglieder gilt: „Social interaction is enhanced by

Erika Linz

): „ Tagging vs. Ontologien “, in: Heinz Lothar Grob / Gottfried Vossen (Hrsg.), Entwicklungen im Web 2.0 aus technischer, ökonomischer und sozialer Sicht , 3 – 12 . Hybrid 51, , 04.04.2017. Strohmaier Markus et al. ( 2012

Tristan Thielmann

Landschaftsfotografien, textlichen Instruktionen, Straßenkarten und inskribierten Richtungszeichen – zusammengefügt und vereinheitlicht durch das Medium eines Buches (vgl. Abb. 7.1 ). Damit ist die Operabilität dieses Mediums durch ein Hybrid von vier navigatorischen Praktiken gekennzeichnet: a) der virtuellen Stop

Witnessing the Ruins of Apartheid

The Women’s Jail (Johannesburg) as a Site of Encounter

Marie Kruger

that render Constitution Hill a hybrid site for trauma and commerce, commemoration and politics. As we recognize “[the] palimpsests, [the] matrices for imagining and reimagining realities,” 6 we have to be willing to search for new modes of inhabiting, together, our contemporary landscape of ruins

Writing out of Ruins

Stories of District Six, Food and Home

Shaun Viljoen

; tafel is Afrikaans for table; snoek is a local Cape barracuda-type fish that was a staple food for poorer folk till fish stocks became depleted in the twenty-first century; the snoek keite is the egg roe of the snoek fish. 3 This paper is a hybrid personal / critical account and is therefore

Shaun Viljoen

” suggests, also a way of reasoning, of disputing. This hybrid, dynamic form manages to shift the listener’s/reader’s intellectual perspective and keeps us suspended between dispassionate attentiveness on the one hand and affective upwelling on the other—we are moved intellectually and emotionally by her


Dagmar Vandebosch and Theo D’haen

facile approaches to cultural globalization that tend to simply celebrate diversity and hybridity without thinking critically enough about its effects” (2010: 7), while Frasinelli et. al. plead for a ‘traversing’—one could say ‘critical’ or ‘adversative’—transnationalism: “Traverse”, in common usage


Erica Durante

this vast archipelago, nearly five-fold larger than the Greek one, has been largely viewed as a hybrid of waves of migration during the colonial era with insignificant preservation of the heritage of the pre-colonial indigenous population. The historical evolution that has shaped these territories

Transnationalism, Its Oxymora and Double Anthropology

From The Sun Also Rises to En attendant le vote des bêtes sauvages and Baby No-Eyes


Jean Bessière

. Compatibility is to be defined as the minimal condition to connect various national data. It does not imply to specify the connection, which is only to be identified with the possible adequacy of these different data. Consequently, compatibility is not synonymous with the construction of an obvious hybridity


Reindert Dhondt

the concept of the hybrid in line with the thinking of Bakhtin (particularly his idea of polyphony or the dialogic interplay of various characters’ voices, without one eclipsing the other), as well as with several postmodern and postcolonial ideas. The talk entitled “Nationalisms” that Fuentes wrote