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Rode Shewaye Molla

Protestant tradition” (7). Cabrita questions indigenization and decolonization methodologies, because they do not integrate the hybrid and transatlantic nature of Zionism. Cabrita supports her argument by analyzing the life of John Alexander Dowie, who was the founder of Zionism. Dowie was born in Edinburgh

Heather Macumber

identifies Revelation as a hybrid text and argues that “it is more” than an apocalypse (p. 30); however, there is little attention in the rest of his treatment to Revelation’s composite nature. Secondly, Morales does careful work to explore the use of the shepherd metaphor as applied to Jesus in Revelation

Jesus (Matt. 1:2-16) 91 Sébastien Doane The Threat of Empire: Monstrous Hybridity in Revelation 13 107 Heather Macumber Promiscuous πόρναι , Bad Bitches, and Misogynistic Masculinities: A Queer, Imperial-Critical Analysis of Revelation and Rap 130 O’neil Van Horn Claimed and Unclaimed Experience

Victor H. Matthews

Judean literati of the early Second Temple Period, Wilson sees a society that was making an “honest attempt to remember the past, to wrestle with and represent a monarchic past in a postmonarchic present” (p. 130). His approach utilizes a hybrid of literary and social scientific methods to examine the

Paulo Ayres Mattos

musicality) provided the elements for the distinct hybrid, 3 how to discern the spirits so that both Catholics and Pentecostals are not influenced by neo-gnostic spiritual warfare theologies that, in particular, demonize indigenous religious practices as well as those of the descendants of Africans

Weng Kit Cheong

apostolic founding figures or rise through an inherited leadership mantle. The fourth is the hybrid male-female leadership model and the fifth is the cultural/talent affirmation avenue. I shall discuss the last three here. 5.1 The Apostolic/Inheritance Process FGT , Trinity Christian Church ( TCC ), and

Radical and Responsible

A Wesleyan-Pentecostal Ecotheology

Tony Richie

to energy efficient florescent ones. We can avoid purchasing large, inefficient vehicles in favor of hybrid or more fuel-efficient cars. Bit by bit, we can allow God’s grace to sanctify our lives away from greed toward preservation and care. 65 More recently but not as directly, Daniel Castelo

The Spirit that Makes Us (Number) One

Racism, Tongues, and the Evidences of Spirit Baptism

Chris Green

), 96–103; and Steven M. Studebaker, A Pentecostal Political Theology for American Renewal: Spirit of the Kingdom, Citizens of the Cities (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), 4–5, 224. 75 Amos Yong, “From Every Tribe, Language, People, and Nation: Diaspora, Hybridity, and the Coming Reign of God,” in

Laura Carlson Hasler

regard is Lester Grabbe’s 2006 article, “The ‘Persian Documents’ in the Book of Ezra: Are They Authentic?” 3 This article makes a thoroughgoing assessment of each of the “Persian” documents in Ezra-Nehemiah, coming to the conclusion that many are a hybrid of authentic and amended features. Absent from

Stefania Benini

consequential that the script remains unfinished. The impossibility of the disambiguation of the Saintly figure is reflected in the hybrid and open-ended nature of the screenplay itself whose sign expresses “a structure that wants to be another structure … a structure morphologically in movement,” in