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Brian Altenhofen

media literacy skills to be able to produce, commentate, and critique media for the sake of the Gospel. One insight worth noting is Aetatis Novae’s understanding that the media was not simply a technique but a “comprehensive, thought-shaping, and culture-making reality of our time” (Zsupan-Jersome, p

Stewart M. Hoover

-building networks are made up of nodes and routines that involve those who have traditional claims to authority (such as religion “experts” in the academy) but also include others—like the interested lay voices who are prominent in the media landscape. Rethinking Media Literacies Might we also expect that these

Laurens de Rooij

E. , & Mael Fred , “ Social Identity Theory and the Organization ,” Academy of Management Review 14 / 1 ( 1989 ), 20 – 39 . Ashley Seth , Poepsel Mark , & Willis Erin , “ Media Literacy and News Credibility: Does Knowledge of Media Ownership Increase

Mona Abdel-Fadil

person’s worldview and personal taste in humour. One’s level of media literacy and the measures one takes to check sources will also play a role. That said, for a number of conservative Christians, the psm prohibition of religious symbols in news bulletins may be equally outrageous and unbelievable to


Luis Manuel Hernández Aguilar

society. Despite the report’s statement about “Muslim anti-Semitism” being rare and not widespread, the group proposed a series of interventions to prevent it. [S]upporting media literacy; analysis of the Middle East conflict from various angles; a critical and general analysis of community ideologies i