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Mohammad Hashim Kamali

shar Ê# ah and civil law 391 SHAR ^# AH AND CIVIL LAW: TOWARDS A METHODOLOGY OF HARMONIZATION MOHAMMAD HASHIM KAMALI * Abstract In this essay I propose a new methodology for the harmonization of Shar Ê# ah, based mainly on my experience teaching and researching Islamic jurisprudence over the

Hearman, Vannessa

This entry provides an overview of the sources and methodologies for the writing of history related to women, gender and sexuality. It deals primarily with the countries of Southeast Asia where Islam has a strong influence on women’s lives, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, in which Muslims form the

Muhammad al-Atawneh

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI: 10.1163/156851910X537810 Islamic Law and Society 18 (2011) 327-355 Islamic Law and Society Wahhābī Legal eory as Reflected in Modern Official Saudi Fatwā s: Ijtihād , Taqlīd , Sources, and Methodology Muhammad al-Atawneh Abstract e

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, Volume 1

Methodologies, Paradigms and Sources


Edited by Suad Joseph

A special feature of this six volume work is the first volume, devoted to an in-depth overview of all available research resources - an indispensable point of departure for scholars moving into gender studies and the Islamic world.

The Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures is also available online. For more information see Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures Online.

Gavin N. Picken

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI: 10.1163/187783710X536716 Oriens 38 (2010) 185-215 A Scholar of the Holy Precincts: The Life, Works and Methodology of Ibn al-Mundhir al-Nīsābūrī Gavin N. Picken University of Edinburgh Abstract This article explores the life and works of

Basheer Nafi

basheer m. nafi 208 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2006 Islamic Law and Society 13, 2 Also available online – A TEACHER OF IBN # ABD AL-WAHH $ B: MU \ AMMAD \ AY $ T AL-SIND ^ AND THE REVIVAL OF A ‘\$ B AL- \ AD ^ TH ’S METHODOLOGY BASHEER M. NAFI* Abstract Mu È ammad \ ay § t al

Christina Najla LaRose

focused on contesting misrepresentations of Arab women and documenting diasporic Arab women’s experiences (Pastner 1978 , Ahmed 1982 , Haddad 1983 , Mohanty 1988 , Kandiyoti 1988 , Cainkar 1988 ), Shakir’s work is unique for its pioneering methodological approach. Along with adding Arab American

Joep Lameer

departures from his self-stated methodological principle that, ceteris paribus , readings from the oldest testimony will always prevail. By themselves, these facts are already sufficient to put a serious question mark behind the text established by Forget. However, in the third part of this article we shall


Edited by Herbert Berg

This volume deals with the methodological and theoretical issues of the study of Islamic origins. Each of the twelve articles examines a different aspect of Islamic origins: early Islamic history including the life of the Prophet, the Sunna and ḥadīth, tafsīr and the Qur'ān, and the rise of Islamic law. Both sceptical (or revisionist) scholars and sanguine (or traditionalist) scholars examine and employ the various contemporary theories on the development of Islam in the first 3 centuries A.H. In so doing, they seek to exemplify the sources and methodologies used to support these theories and to discuss their relative merits.

Ze'ev Maghen

ze’ev maghen 342 SEE NO EVIL: MORALITY AND METHODOLOGY IN IBN AL-QA ••$ N AL-F $ S ^ ’S A \ K $ M AL-NA £ AR BI- \$ SSAT AL-BA ‘ AR ZE’EV MAGHEN Abstract This essay examines the worldviews underlying, and discursive techniques informing, the jurisprudence of a scholastically unaffiliated and