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, Buckner 2014 , Andrews 2012 , Martin & Santos 2016 ). 2.2 Minimal Approaches One motivation to search for arguments for mentalistic interpretations is to account for finer-grained differences which are lost if a whole class of anticipation abilities is described as behavior-reading. I do not deny that

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The recent “ethical turn” in the study of Islamic law has directed much attention to the cultivation of “virtuous passions” as central to the project of the classical Sharīʿa. This model has been particularly salient in the study of normative rituals, and some scholars have extended it to encompass much broader social and disciplinary aspects of the ideal Sharʿī order. The present paper focuses on the concept of ḥayāʾ (shame), understood as the fear of moral or social disapprobation, which is arguably the affective trait Muslim thinkers saw as most fundamental to proper social functioning and adherence to the law. The article compares the treatment of ḥayāʾ in ethical and legal works of scholars of the Shāfiʿī legal school in the 11th to early 12th centuries and argues that works of substantive law pursued a deliberately minimal approach to the role of affect.

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results are presented in an essentially similar form. The aim of the experiment was to determine how close together two chickens could feed before agonistic behavior developed (i.e. to determine the minimal approach distance). 260 Material I and methods. Observations were made on two established

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struggle was to adopt a very minimal approach to editing the huge amount of material that I had to work with, following mostly the guidelines of the National Commission for the text and the philological apparatus, and only including the most essential of the footnotes with ancient sources—both epigraphical

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that revolu- tionary orientations would be significant in either country. Rather they are almost certain to have a mix of the other two rationales, with Sweden favoring greater public involvement or reform, and the United States tending toward a somewhat minimal approach or maintenance (Dunlop

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, indicating that males have the ability to discriminate between a familiar, often shared neighbour song and an unshared stranger one (Table 3). Table 3. Variance explained by the first factor of a PCA, loading factors of three behavioural measures (the minimal approach distance, the time spent within

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Armenia-Azerbaijan border, the 1994 ceasefire basically held firm until April 2016, lending support for such a minimal approach. Current Multi-faceted Mediation Support Structure Today 5 distinct components comprise the osce Minsk Process mediation effort for Nagorno-Karabakh: 1 osce

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from the public agencies (CNPq and other financing agencies). Notwithstanding, the programs did not minimally approach the results required for the related undergraduate programs. Even though the area presented low enrollment rates in relation to the population, it suffered from massive evasions. This

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approach reflects a minimal approach to equality, linking ‘equity’ to formal equality of opportunity, but not necessarily equality of participation or equality of outcome. For the wdr (and unlike the approach to equality in the Declaration), equity is not a value or a goal with intrinsic value. Instead

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verification scenario, in which only facilities capable of reprocessing and enrichment, e.g. those that produce unirradiated direct-use material, would be subject to verification. Plants that use the material are mainly nuclear reactors. In a minimal approach, the verification would end upon irradiation of the

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