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Contextualization of the Local

A Predisposition of Former Yugoslav States to Liberal Peace

Nemanja Džuverović

interpreted as a rupture in the Yugoslav rapprochement to the liberal West, and not as events that changed the nature of peacebuilding in the region. Also, the main intention of this article is to see if different pre-conflict social practices could be considered as a sort of palimpsest on top of which the

Natalie Koch

mosques in Turkmenistan in May 2014 and in the uae from 2012 to 2014. Primarily informed by political and cultural geography, this approach considers built landscapes as a sort of text or “palimpsest” for political and cultural histories. 7 I thus treat the built form of the two mosques, as well as

Vladimir Kulić

constructed, in the process acquiring ever denser social meanings. Most cities are indeed the palimpsests that we live in, inescapably incorporating the physical layers of the past into our everyday existence. In this respect, the socialist period in the Balkans and in much of Eastern Europe bears special

Srđan Atanasovski

the sonic events that are construed as meaningful due to cultural discourses, but also relying on our previous experiences. Auditory experience thus appears as a move through various musical artefacts, which act as sonic palimpsests, with meaning being constantly re-inscribed through spatial

Ana Hofman

various musical artefacts, which act as sonic palimpsests and whose meanings are being constantly re-inscribed through encounters with the space. For Pogačar, what can be called ‘affective media object’ in relation to digital archiving and media archaeology is deterritorialized and detemporalized sound