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Clive Schofield and David Freestone

likely impacts of sea level rise on maritime zones with particular reference to impacts on islands and their associated maritime zones. It will look first briefly at the sea level rise predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ), both its 2013/14 Fifth Assessment Report (AR5

Oceans of Opportunity and Challenge

Towards a Stronger Governance Framework for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

Robin Warner

bodies; • address the thresholds and criteria for undertaking EIA s in respect of ABNJ ; • address the procedural steps of an EIA process, such as: screening; scoping; impact prediction and evaluation using the best available scientific information including traditional knowledge; public notification

Nilüfer Oral

further states that ‘[g]lobal mean sea level will continue to rise during the 21st century … [and] the rate of sea level rise will very likely exceed that observed during 1971 to 2010…’. 3 Previous predictions of up to 1 metre of sea-level rise by 2100 are now considered to be a conservative estimate. 4

Robert C. Steenkamp

predictions are realised, the snow crab industry is likely to be much greater than each of the mackerel, saithe, and herring fisheries, and has the potential to be larger than the renowned cod fishery – the most valuable fishery in Norwegian waters. 3 The European Union (EU) claims that under the currently

Pieter Bekker and Robert van de Poll

cases since 1969 66 can be applied to a given disputed or unresolved boundary in order to make informed predictions regarding its outcome. The same applies to the controversy regarding the maritime boundary between Canada and the United States in the Beaufort Sea. Certainty, equity and stability are

International Law and Sea Level Rise

Report of the International Law Association Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise

Davor Vidas, David Freestone and Jane McAdam

developing states. 7 In its 2012 Sofia report, the Baselines Committee concluded: [I]f current predictions of sea level rise are realized, some States will become completely submerged. The resulting deterritorialization will likely mean, among other things, a total loss of baselines and of the maritime zones

Victor Prescott and Victor Prescott

that when any predictions are made of future rises in sea level throughout the next century they should be subjected to two tests. First, do the assumptions on which the prediction is based, take account of all the complicating factors described in 533 detail in this volume. Secondly, are those

I. Aurrocoechea and J.S. Pethick

difficulties which are explored in this paper. The exact position in space of the meeting between sea and land varies over time. There are numerous reasons for such variation, some of these are amenable to precise prediction, some are random events whose occurrence may only be predicted in a statistical sense

David Freestone and Clive Schofield

resources, already recognized by the 1982 Convention and by the community of nations”. 30 Current Predictions of Sea-level Rise The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( ipcc ) in its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) issued in 2013/14, predicted rises of up to 98 cm by 2100. 31 This prediction

Edward J. Goodwin

for legal reform is not really a problem. It certainly does not detract from a book that has done much to enhance this reviewer’s knowledge and understanding of marine conservation, given the predictions about climate change. 1 MJ Bowman, ‘Global Warming and the International Legal Protection