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William Outhwaite, William Outhwaite and Larry Ray

eschew speculative prophecy and stick to testable predictions, we are inclined to suggest something more like the opposite in relation to the analysis of state socialism. There is, of course, a long and ignoble history of euphoria and punch-pulling in Western accounts of communism, fed by an even

Frederick Turner

? Science, with its imperative insistence on correct prediction as the test of truth and truth as the mathematically predictable, is our greatest retort to the insult of our future-blindness. What we can predict is what we can make secure: fear, one might say, is the mother of invention. But to be candid

Lucas A. Keefer and Faith L. Brown

attachment dimensions to test the prediction that attachment to God has unique predictive ability for each psychological outcome in a multiple regression analysis. All missing data were removed casewise , meaning that each statistical test was conducted with all available data to maximize statistical power

Aryeh Lazar

stronger will be the contribution of that aspect to the prediction of that individual’s satisfaction with that something. The notion that satisfaction is dependent not only on the perception of what an individual receives but also by what that individual expects is the basis of Need Fulfillment Theory

Lucia Pradella

, Giovanni Arrighi attempts to outline the possible consequences of the growth of China through a rereading of the work of Adam Smith and a critique of Marx. Th is article analyses and sheds light on the limits of this reading, upon which Arrighi bases his prediction of a possible peaceful growth in

Kenneth Nelson, Ingalill Montanari and Joakim Palme

predictions of converging welfare state institutions. Th e purpose of this paper is to examine the development of social insurance programs among 18 of the economically most advanced democracies during 1980–2000. Have social insurance rights converged and have changes been of such a character that we can

Christian Zwingmann and Sebastian Murken

. However, specific diffi- culties and risks are intertwined with chiliastic forms of coping with the future, namely: the derogation of this world, the problems arising from a prediction of ex- plicit dates for the end of the world, and the connection between millenarianism and violence. 1. Introduction The

Ross W. May and Frank D. Fincham

peripheral features, we can expect that individuals will correctly recognize and recall more central features of God. In addition, they should also be more likely to erroneously recognize and recall more central features. These predictions have been supported in prototype research involving memory recall and

Nima Ghorbani, P. J. Watson, Hamid Reza Gharibi and Zhuo Job Chen

model generalizes to Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other traditions of religious spirituality. In addition, the model presumes that an explicitly religious spirituality can and should be differentiated from generic spirituality. Needing analysis, therefore, are predictions that a truly generic

Felix Weiss

-parametric spline models for an ideal case for all three classes of social origin and third, the same set of predictions as above from the fully parametric AFT regressions with a log-logistic distribution used in the article. Further, I report all models in order to check whether strong violations of functional