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Fabienne Jagou

drawing lots, Qianlong, by this measure, intended to redefine his role in Tibet. Oidtmann demonstrates that, in hoping to master the predictions of oracles and divinations used in the process of seeking and recognising reincarnations, Qing emperors moved away from their role as ‘patrons’ of the Gelukpa

Dark Tent and Light Tent

Two Ways of Travelling in the Invisible

Charles Stépanoff

, an elk and some skeletons, which were those of deceased people but also those of living friends residing far away. The tortoise made various predictions about rain and about game. During the seance, Nelson and some others were invited by the officiant to look into the lodge to see the spirits. Lying

Elena Stroganova

subjects of the White Tsar will arrive) and the time has come to leave ( sagan modon urgani – sag balkhyma gegin ). 17 Turning to the past to confirm the reliability of predictions and looking for analogies for impending events is a very widespread phenomenon. The state- ment that the first stage of the

Whose Land is it Anyway?

Balancing the Expectations and Demands of Different Trusting Partnerships in Mongolia

Rebecca Empson and Tristan Webb

). By looking at the role of language (and other technological devices, such as banking and policy implementation, etc.) we see that these models come to articulate and facilitate, as well as bring into being, the economic realities they seek to influence. Here, prediction is not simply flat description

David Sneath

calculations and astronomic predictions using techniques described in Tibetan texts, in this case from the library of the famous Labrang monastery in Amdo. In many ways these techniques could be seen as entirely ‘traditional’ since they existed squarely within the ancient monastic institutions of Tibet

Making Cashmere, Making Futures

The Work of Hope and the Materialisation of Dreams in a Mongolian Cashmere Factory

Elizabeth Fox

capitalism’ but furthermore it is one ‘animated’ by hope (Miyazaki 2006 : 149). Performative understandings of markets recognise the role that prediction plays in actually shaping the future behaviour of those very markets, in essence attending to the performative power of language, over its referential

Henry G. Schwarz

of economic prosperity. What lies ahead for the Mongolian state and nation? I am not making any specific predictions but will point to the larger context. We are witnessing profound changes in the system of international relations which have been brought on primarily by globalisation, 25 and these

Yongdan Lobsang

the court (Rockhill 1910 ). Schall warned the court of various signs of the negative effects of the Dalai Lama’s visit, predicted from astronomical signs in the sky (Elman 2009 : 138; Jami 2012 : 41). As the head of the Astro-calendric Bureau, Schall’s prediction is likely to have had a huge

Making Space for Development

A Study on Resettlement from the Longyangxia Water Reservoir Area of Qinghai Province

Jarmila Ptackova

Gonghe county]. Lan Y. Kang E. Ma Q. Zhang J. Study on trend prediction and variation on the flow into the Longyangxia reservoir Chinese Geographical Science 2001 11 1 35 41 Lewis

Caroline Humphrey

’s prediction may be made more definite in the following way. An old person taking a nap may have a dream. They see the dead one coming towards them, and get ready to give a welcome, but the person who died walks past and goes on, until they enter another yurt. This is the family in which they will be re