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Since the beginning of recorded history, man has been striving to foresee, and thus to control, the future. Political power structures, par- ticularly when aiming at global control, sought predictions of global significance, but few agents of such structures could claim to have been endowed with


, but it is often difficult to prove that one of them was older than the other. Certainly, a number of Akkadian documents of a literary histor- ical genre are more ancient, i.e., ones based on predictions of events which did take place.13 Similarly, some of the Ugaritic (Old Canaanite) re- ligious


making such a categorical demand. 52. These lines were first written in 1910 and, as it were, served as a theoretical prediction of the schematically experimental trend in Russian painting known as Suprematism. 53. In advanping along the path towards materiality, sometimes art has quite lost the abstract