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Enza Elena Spinapolice, Andrea Zerboni, Michael Meyer and Donatella Usai

region seems strongly dependent on (i) the local archaeological visibility and (ii) our ability to reconstruct the palaeotopography and palaeoenvironment in order to make predictions where in situ artefacts might be encountered. Scattered surface artefacts in the El Salha area are ubiquitous and they

Pamela R. Willoughby

and use tools in the course of acquiring food. But, what these contemporary animals do is a far cry from what the behavior of the average human. In order to understand what is uniquely human, Shea develops a series of hypotheses and predictions about how hominin tool making and using strategies should

Matthew V. Caruana

.R. & McPherron , S.P. 2015 . Edge length and surface area of a blank: Experimental assessment of measures, size predictions and utility . Plos One 10 , 1 - 21 . Driscoll , K. & Warren , G.M. , 2006 . Dealing with “the quartz problem” in Irish lithic research . Lithics 28 , 4 - 14

Michael Brass

. It has been claimed that Bos bones will outnumber those of other livestock when feasts occur as part of the ceremonies and this leaves an archaeo-zoological footprint (Gramly 1975). The faunal components from Nabta Playa match this prediction, contrary to the greater number of Bos in the Middle