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Kyle Pivetti

the possibilities for surveillance and prediction alike. With this glass in hand, there is “ne ought in secret.” Digges is clear about such militaristic applications, often using ships at sea as examples in his explanations of triangulation. Digges promises to reveal all: “I minde to imparte with my

Volume 45, No. 1 Articles The Illusion of a Future: Early Modern Conceptions of the World to Come  1 John S. Garrison and Marissa Nicosia The Optics of Prediction in The Faerie Queene: Merlin’s Reflecting Telescope  7 Kyle Pivetti Ritual Time and Popular Expectations of Papal Rule in

Timothy A. Turner

” because, once Calyphas’s absence is noted, their father will be incensed and “Wrath kindled in the furnace of [Tamburlaine’s] breast / Will send a deadly lightning to his heart” (ll. 7, 9–10). The prediction, of course, turns out to be correct, and when Calyphas appears on stage, he offers a series of

John S. Garrison and Marissa Nicosia

-making for generations of writers just as Benjamin’s angel activates our thinking about past and future today. 12 The issue opens with Kyle Pivetti’s “The Optics of Prediction in The Faerie Queene : Merlin’s Reflecting Telescope.” In order to explore how ideas about the future and futurity were

Names as Rewards

The Ambiguous Role of Eponyms in the History of Science

Marco Beretta

some the Year of Meton. And we find that this man was astonishingly fortunate in this prediction which he published; for the stars complete both their movement and the effects they produce in accordance with his reckoning. Consequently, even down to our own day, most Greeks use the nineteen-year cycle

John Davis

to-ing and fro-ing of personnel, was arranged through Henry’s old friend Gian Galeazzo Visconti. 99 Henry’s need to consult an astrolabe was not necessarily to try to get an astrological prediction of the outcome of the fight, although some authors have made this connection. 100 He was also

John M. Hunt

pastor.” 14 Another of avivso of the same year reported that the city was listening to the predictions of an astrologer, who forecasted that Cardinal Alessandro de’ Medici would be elected, bringing prosperity to the city. 15 Although the astrologer predicted Medici’s election, the pope


Carter Vaughn Findley

Arvidson’s predictions. 80 Simultaneous interests in both enlightenment and occultism, however paradoxical, were then widespread in Europe. Gustav’s brother Duke Charles, almost pathologically interested in Freemasonry, played a foundational role in its Swedish development. By character, he was indecisive

There Were No Medals To Be Won

Scientific Duels in the Italian Renaissance

Monica Azzolini

wrote astrological predictions from about 1475 to at least 1501. 5 His expertise and exceptional skills, which placed him within a small circle of high-ranking diplomats and distinguished professionals in law, theology, and letters, is acknowledged on the medal with the following phrase: PETRVS · BONVS

Huib Zuidervaart and Tiemen Cocquyt

Θ, caused by stronger refraction in a more powerful lens, makes the colour variation Δ Θ grow correspondingly. In other words, for a specific type of glass, the dispersion Δ Θ/Θ is constant. Now, contrary to Isaac Newton’s prediction, the dispersion Δ Θ/Θ is not the same for every material. In