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The Faces of Freedom

The Manumission and Emancipation of Slaves in Old World and New World Slavery


Edited by Marc Kleijwegt

This volume is concerned with examining the histories of freed slaves in a variety of slave societies in the ancient and modern world, ranging from ancient Rome to the southern states of the US, the Caribbean, and Brazil to Africa in the aftermath of emancipation in the twentieth century. The aim of this work is to present a comparative forum for the study of freedpeople. By identifying what is separate and what is universal about freedpeople it hopes to add to a better understanding of the role and impact of manumission and emancipation in different slave societies.

Contributors include: Valentina Arena, Steeve Buckridge, Mariana Dantas, Marc Kleijwegt, Martin Klein, Rita Reynolds, Chandima Wickramasinghe, Swithin Wilmot, and Nigel Worden.

Various Authors & Editors

Economic History Library
Economisch-Historische Bibliotheek, Amsterdam

The Vereniging het Nederlands Economisch-Historisch Archief (Netherlands Economic History Records Association) of which the Economisch-Historische Bibliotheek forms a part, was founded in The Hague in 1914 and was broadly developed under the guidance of the Professor N.W. Posthumus. Since 1933, the library, which is not associated with any university library, has been located at Herengracht 220 in Amsterdam. Over the years, the collection has grown from 15,000 items in 1933 to more than 60,000 at present.

One of the aims of the Association since 1914 has been to create and maintain a specialized scientific library in the field of Economic History. There is also, for instance, a unique collection of books on the history of commerce published between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, including a series of text-books edited by Bartjens, and Phoosen's Amsterdamsche wisselstijl (conversion tables for various coins, tables for non-metric weights and measures), as well as all editions of Jacques Savary's Le Parfait Négociant.

There are two collections concerning special subjects: the Schuddebeurs Collection (on loan to the Library), comprising an abundance of material pertaining to insurance, and the Van Deventer Collection, which was left to the Library by J.H.J. van Deventer of Amsterdam and consists of works on tailoring and the history of clothing.

In addition to publications on economics and economic history (books and journals) there is material on related fields such has technology and law. Lastly, the Library has a very large collection of annual reports and serial publications.