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South Asia
Research collections on microform, 7th cumulative catalogue

This impressive collection of almost 1,100 titles, contains periodicals and monographs, mainly concerning South Asian history, archaeology, literature, sociology, political science, law, economy, and missionary archives. In 1998 IDC Publishers turned the latest, seventh cumulative catalogue into a user-friendly research tool. The titles are presented in a logical, well-arranged manner to enable researchers and librarians to find the sources they are looking for easily and efficiently. Some of the features new to this edition are:
- Rearrangement according to subject headings
- Expansion by more than 300 titles
- Annotations to most newly added titles
- Listing of the number of microfiche for each item
- Greatly enlarged section devoted to Missions
- Inclusion of detailed index (8 pp.).
The present collection, World Council of Churches: Relations with the Roman Catholic Church, makes available a section of the ecumenical archives covering the period 1948-1992. These archives are of great interest and frequently consulted by researchers working on the history of the ecumenical movement. The different sections contain, among others, correspondence with Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Bea and the Community of Taizé.
A few examples of cooperation between WCC and RCC are: jointly sponsored studies on “common witness and proselytism”, “catholicity and apostolicity”, “towards a confession of the common faith”; Roman Catholic membership in the Commission on Faith and Order; the setting up by the RCC of consultative relations with the Commission on world Mission and Evangelism and the Christian Medical Commission; the joint preparation of material for use in the Annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; the concern for development and peace by the joint Committee on Society, Development and Peace (SODEPAX); the full participation of the RCC in regional, national and local councils of churches.
Examples of ecumenical collaboration are: the various bilateral agreements on doctrinal points; the interconfessional translation of the Bible under the joint inspiration and guidance of the United Bible Societies and the World Catholic Federation for the Biblical Apostolate; the development and the understanding of the notion of the unity of the church in terms of conciliar fellowship; the exploration of the possibility of membership for the RCC in the WCC.

The documents in the archives consist of correspondence, personal notes, press cuttings, reports and unpublished material. Records are divided into five sections:
1. General documentation
2. Roman Catholic Church
3. Council Vatican II
4. Joint Working Group
5. Sodepax

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'Mission is a must'

Intercultural theology and the mission of the Church


Edited by Frans Wijsen and Peter J.A. Nissen


Thomas O'Flynn

Winner of The 2018 Saidi-Sirjani Book Award

In The Western Christian Presence in the Russias and Qājār Persia, c.1760–c.1870, Thomas O'Flynn vividly paints the life and times of missionary enterprises in early nineteenth-century Russia and Persia at a moment of immense change when Tsarist Russia embarked on an expansionist campaign reaching to the Caucasus. Simultaneously he charts the relationship between the new Persian dynasty of the Qājārs and missionary activity on the part of European and American missionaries. This book reconstructs that world from a predominantly religious perspective. It recounts the sustaining ideals as well as the everyday struggles of the western missionaries, Protestant (Scottish, Basel and American Congregationalist) and Catholic (Jesuit and Vincentian). It looks at the reactions of diverse tribal peoples, the Tatars of the North Caucasus, the Kabardians and Circassians. Persia was the ultimate goal of these missionaries, which they eventually reached in the 1820s. Altogether this study throws light on the troubled course of history in West Asia and provides the background to politico-religious conflicts in Chechnya and Persia that persist to the present day.


Wolfgang Breul


Besides political and economic factors, a fundamental change in eschatological expectations was crucial for the inception of missionary work in Lutheran Protestantism. Spener’s new eschatological orientation within Lutheran theology provided important impulses for the missions of Halle and Herrnhut. His programmatic formulation of “hope for better times for the Church here on Earth” opened a window of opportunity and thus urged action in the present. August Hermann Francke’s interpretation of eschatology led to a comprehensive general reform that had its point of origin in Halle, and included missionary work among many other measures. In Herrnhut, the millenarian expectation raised by Spener came also to embrace a Philadelphian concept of a gathering of the pious from all denominations in a then beginning eschaton (the end time).


Pia Schmid


The experiences of missionaries are experiences of otherness. Missionaries can only be successful in their main enterprise if they perceive and understand these others in their otherness, or at least if they try to do so. Moravian missionary John Heckewelder (1743–1823) was an expert, profoundly knowledgeable about the ways of the Indians of the Eastern Woodlands, especially the Delaware tribe, towards whom he was well disposed. After a brief summary of Heckewelder’s life and his Moravian mission, this essay addresses questions of authorship, structure, and composition in Heckewelder’s Account of the History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations (1819). It analyzes Heckewelder’s experience with Indians as others: how he described, presented, and interpreted them. Special attention is devoted to Heckewelder’s presentation of the Indian concept of property and to his description of the Indians’ treatment of captives.


Edited by Ineke Loots and Joke Spaans

they were also occupied, tamed and taken into possession by the Dutch some time ago, in my opinion not so much to promote the interests and glory of the Republic as of that of Christ and the church. For this is how we like to see it, as is necessary for our present work. For who would believe that by

Pentecostalism in Africa

Presence and Impact of Pneumatic Christianity in Postcolonial Societies


Edited by Martin Lindhardt

Within recent decades Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity has moved from an initially peripheral position to become a force to be reckoned with within Africa’s religious landscape. Bringing together prominent Africanist scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this book offers a comprehensive and multifaceted treatment of the ways in which Pentecostal-Charismatic movements have shaped the orientations of African Christianity and extended their influence into other spheres of post-colonial societies such as politics, developmental work and popular entertainment. Among other things, the chapters of the book show how Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity responds to social and cultural concerns of Africans, and how its growth and increasingly assertive presence in public life have facilitated new kinds of social positioning and claims to political power.


Getatchew Haile

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Tradition on the Holy Cross is a volume that combines both ancient and derived Ethiopic literature on the Cross. The work brings together all the major sources from manuscripts preserved in different monasteries and edited and translated into English. The sources include homilies by Minas bishop of Aksum, John Chrysostom, James of Sarug, as well as a number of anonymous authors, all translated from Greek during the Aksumite era.
The derived literature includes works by the famous men of the pen, including the fifteenth-century Abba Giyorgis of Sägla and Emperor Zär’a Ya‘ǝqob. Poetic hymns to the Cross constitute a part of the collection, one of these being glorification of the Cross by Abba Baḥrǝy, author of several important works.