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The European Union and Asia

Reflections and Re-orientations


Edited by Peter Anderson and Georg Wiessala

This volume represents the first, in-depth, inter-disciplinary, analysis of the past, present and future of the European Union’s relations with countries, non-state actors and other partners across the Asia-Pacific region. The book is situated in the developing, interdisciplinary, discourse of EU foreign policy towards countries and regions across Asia, and it offers a research-led critique of the construction and the elements of the EU-Asia ‘political space’. Written by an international team of experts from both Asia and Europe, the volume investigates the historical and cultural background, as well as diverse representations and imaginations in regard to the Asia-Europe inter-continental dialogue. The book examines the varied patterns, policies and priorities of the contemporary political, economic and cultural relations linking the EU with its interlocutors in Asia. Moreover, this collection throws light on a selected number of issues pertinent to current EU-Asia interaction, such as human rights promotion, learning and educational exchange, and the role of the mass media in the construction of Asia-Europe relations. The twelve chapters in this book cover a wide scope of subjects, including the EU’s Relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the summitry of the Asia-Europe Meetings (ASEM), EU foreign policy choices in Asia and EU contacts with Central Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This text is of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, the business community, decision-makers and practitioners in Politics, European Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, International Relations, Law, Human Rights and Business Studies.

Edited by Florian Coulmas, Harald Conrad, Annette Schad-Seifert and Gabriele Vogt

This Handbook explores the challenges demographic change poses to today’s Japan. The first part provides the fundamental data involved, and the subsequent two parts address the social and cultural aspects of Japan’s demographic change. Parts four and five are dedicated to the political, economic and social security aspects of demographic change.
The Handbook brings together a group of international scholars of various disciplinary backgrounds to take issue with the world’s fastest demographic transition. Topics include the dynamics of gender roles, images of age, policy formation, labour market structures, pension system, living arrangements, ethical values, and many more. Against the background of Japan’s demographic change, the latest developments in these fields are being introduced, and whenever appropriate set into a context of historical and/or international comparison. This Handbook is the first comprehensive publication in English on Japan’s demographic change.

Contributors include: Makoto Atoh, Hans Dieter Ölschleger, Ryuichi Kaneko, Ralph Lützeler, Shigemi Kono, Matthias Koch, Sepp Linhart, Takeo Ogawa, Chikako Usui, Leng Leng Thang, Susan (Orpett) Long, Sawako Shirahase, Toshiko Himeoka, James Raymo, Miho Iwasawa, Akiko S Oishi, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, David Blake Willis, Susanne Formanek, Mayumi Sekizawa, Christopher S Thompson, John W Traphagan, Kenji Ishii, Craig Martin, Peter Backhaus, Fumio Inoue, Lisette Gebhardt, Nobuko Shiraishi, Sumiko Iwao, Roger Goodman, Takanori Shintani, Fumihiko Satofuka, Carolin Funck, John Clammer, Wolfram Manzenreiter, Leonard Schoppa, John C Campbell, Paul Talcott, David Potter, Robert Pekkanen, Yutaka Tsujinaka, Akihiro Ogawa, Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg, Liv Coleman, Glenda S Roberts, Thomas Feldhoff, Patricia Maclachlan, Naohiro Ogawa, Akihiro Kawase, Seiritsu Ogura, Volker Elis, Charles Yuji Horioka, Fumio Ohtake, Hisashi Fukawa, Naohiro Yashiro, Hendrik Meyer-Ohle, Karen A Shire, Harald Conrad, Hidehiko Sekizawa, Andreas Moerke, Ito Peng, Naoki Ikegami, Makoto Arai, Tetsuo Fukawa, Takashi Oshio, Noriyuki Takayama, and Tomoyuki Kubo.


Peter J. Anderson


One of the most frequently made European criticisms of China under communist rule has been of the continuing restrictions that the government places upon the freedom of expression of citizens and journalists. This study analyses Chinese journalism within an evolving political system, penetrated increasingly by Western ideas and criticisms as a result of globalisation, the opening up of the Chinese economy and the education of significant numbers of Chinese students in the West. It examines formal and informal restrictions on journalists’ freedom of expression in China. It discusses the modest expansion in their freedom of manoeuvre, as the media has been opened to market forces, and limited forms of criticism have been permitted. The study further explores Chinese views on media control in the context of both historically-rooted concerns about social stability and Communist Party ideology. The analysis concludes by discussing possible paths forward for Chinese journalism, bearing in mind the fact that the internet is likely to become increasingly difficult for the authorities to control, with both user numbers, and technological advances, increasing significantly.

Bridging Humanities

Platform for Alternatives Methodologies

Edited by Mirjam de Bruijn

Bridging Humanities – Platform for Alternatives Methodologies is a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary and multi-area online publication. The scope of Bridging Humanities is to publish original projects that include visuals and other kinds of digital sources as an integral part of the publication. Bridging Humanities includes original research from the humanities intended as an open field that is connected with other disciplines. Each publication is an interactive online space in which text and visuals are used as sources to produce and present knowledge from their field. Using this new format, Bridging Humanities encourages researchers to experiment with new methodologies for publication in which the importance of the digital is recognized as an integral part of the publication and research process. The website publishes at least one new project per year and is hosted externally:

The European Union and China

Interests and Dilemmas


Edited by Georg Wiessala, John Wilson and Pradeep Taneja

This volume brings together the best of contemporary critical analysis of EU-China relations, offered here by an international team of policy analysts, academics and practitioners. The fifteen chapters assembled in this book represent a wide-ranging investigation of the development and framework of EU-China relations and its wider geo-political context. This includes an examination of key areas of concern, such as human rights, economic cooperation, energy security, sports, maritime safety and media policy. Many aspects of EU-China relations covered in this title have, until now, not been available for systematic scrutiny by a wider public. Importantly, this collection presents an examination of the significance of China’s relations with selected global partners – such as the US, Russia, India and Central Asia – for the further evolution of Sino-EU interaction. It should be read by anyone interested in EU foreign policies, the future of China-EU strategic partnership, China’s place in the world, and the development of a multi-polar world order.


Edited by Jack Linchuan Qiu

This is a collection of seven essays on media and society in China translated from the leading Chinese-language journal Open Times. Authored mostly by scholars based in China, this volume offers a panoramic view on contemporary Chinese thoughts regarding media industries in a rapidly transforming society, especially the central role played by digital media such as Internet and smart phone. The book consists of three parts: (a) socialist media, transformed; (b) critical events and public interests; and (c) Internet, grassroots and social movements. Together they reflect a wide range of views – left, right, and center – on the past, present, and future of media reform and social transformation in China today.

Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations

A Global Perspective on Continuities and Discontinuities from the 19th to the 21st Centuries


Edited by Dirk Hoerder and Amarjit Kaur

Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations connects the 19th- and 20th-century labor migrations and migration systems in global transcultural perspective. It emphasizes macro-regional internal continuities or discontinuities and interactions between and within macro-regions. The essays look at migrant workers experiences in constraining frames and the options they seize or constraints they circumvent. It traces the development from 19th-century proletarian migrations to industries and plantations across the globe to 20th- and 21st-century domestics and caregiver migrations. It integrates male and female migration and shows how women have always been present in mass migrations. Studies on historical development over time are supplemented by case studies on present migrations in Asia and from Asia. A systems approach is combined with human agency perspectives.

Contributors include Rochelle Ball, Shelly Chan, Dennis D. Cordell, Michael Douglass, Christiane Harzig, Dirk Hoerder, Muhamad Nadratuzzaman Hosen, Hassène Kassar, Kamel Kateb, Amarjit Kaur, Kiranjit Kaur, Gijs Kessler, Akram Khater, Elizabeth A. Kuznesof, Vera Mackie, Adam McKeown, Tomoko Nakamatsu, Ooi Keat Gin, Aswatini Raharto, Marlou Schrover, and Patcharawalai Wongboonsin.
The social sciences in China and the U.S. have come to be rather heavily dominated by abstract theorizing divorced from practical realities. What this series proposes to emphasize instead is actual economic and legal, and historical and social practices, and the theoretical logics evidenced therein. The theoretical works included in the series proceed not from theory to practice, but rather from practice to theory; the empirical studies included are ones of important theoretical implications.

We propose to include selected major works in each of five sub-series, to be published simultaneously in both English and Chinese, or, where the work is already available in one language (English or Chinese), then its translation into the other. The five sub-series include one each in the history and theory of legal practice, the economic history and economics of practice, and the social history and sociology of practice. The fourth series consists of broader cross-disciplinary works in historical political economy, in the tradition of the likes of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Max Weber. The fifth series includes major innovations evident in Chinese economic, legal, social, and political-economic practices that have yet to receive full theoretical elaboration.

The series should be of interest to the well informed general reader and students as well as scholars and researchers in the relevant disciplines and areas of focus.

The series has published an average of one volume per year since 2014.

Mirjam de Bruijn

both the researcher and the subject of the research had initially expected. Using an innovative format, the story of this anthropological journey is presented here in an attempt not to hide but rather to highlight the unpredictability that marked the whole process