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Ludwig Krämer

access to justice in environmental matters. The present contribution will retrace the jurisprudence of the ecj on access by members of the public in environmental matters. It will not further discuss the compliance of eu ’s “Aarhus legislation” – this is in particular Regulation 1367/2006 7

Stefan Möckel

For decades, German agriculture has been responsible for high nitrogen inputs into the environment. Recent reductions in nitrogen surpluses that were originally caused by fertilization are not sufficient to meet European requirements. In the case of ammonia emissions, there has even been an upward trend despite contradicting national emission targets due to the expansion of animal husbandry. Both developments are not surprising, since German agricultural policy has for years been unable to adopt stricter measures that would reduce nitrogen surpluses and ammonia emissions and modernise existing regulatory concepts in line with European requirements. This paper presents the state of current emissions in section 1. Subsequently, sections 2 to 4 present the regulatory concepts for livestock facilities, agricultural fertilisation as well as the protection of Natura 2000 areas from agricultural intervention and identify their shortcomings in the light of recent rulings by the European Court of Justice. The paper offers a summary assessment that includes the most important areas for improvement.

Louis J. Kotzé

confident to suggest that it provides a useful framework to critically interrogate law, and specifically international environmental law ( iel ), as a central component of the various “human systems … that are a past cause, present consequence, and future adaptation of our ecosystem changes”. 5

Yelena M. Gordeeva

cover the whole of the circular economy”. In December 2015, as part of a new circular economy package, the Commission presented an Action Plan for the circular economy, as well as four legislative proposals amending the following legal acts: 1) Waste Framework Directive; 2) Landfill Directive; 3

Edited by Lorenzo Squintani

environmental protection. 60Accordingly, it does not appear in the present case that the Parliament and the Council, by adopting Article 3(3) of Directive 2001/42, committed a manifest error of assessment in the light of Article 191 tfeu . Therefore, that provision of Directive 2001/42, in the context of the

Topi Turunen

codified in the present wfd . Alongside the concept of by-product set out in Article 5 of the wfd , the concept of non-waste waste-based materials is codified in the form of end-of-waste (EoW) status in Article 6 of the wfd . Both of these legal mechanisms aim to classify substances and objects that do

Anna Christiernsson

loss of biodiversity continues. In fact, scientific research shows that we are now in the middle of the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history, that biodiversity loss is present across all ecosystems, and that, also, many common species are declining. Overexploitation is one of the main drivers of

Anything Goes, but…

Comment on the Opinion by Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe in the Tapiola Case (C-674/17)

Jan Darpö

where the species was present in large numbers and where they caused particular damage or nuisance. For each year, a quota was set and licenses issued in conflict areas, setting conditions to ensure the viability of the wolf pack which was to be targeted. The derogation ground for the hunt was said to

Wolfgang Köck

will be difficult to claim that a ‘favourable state of conservation’ exists at present; in any case, one would need to refer to more detailed statements in order to argue that a favourable state of conservation existed, despite there being no or at least only very small wolf stocks in many of the

Heidi Stockhaus

domestic advisory group meets with the eu domestic advisory group in a joint forum to conduct a dialogue on sustainable development aspects of trade relations between the Parties. During these joint forums, the Parties have to present on their implementation of Chapter 15 evfta . The report of each