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Media and Witchcraft Accusation in Northern Ghana

A Study of the Dagomba Community

Leo Igwe

security. With all these challenges, the media risk being partial in their coverage and in what they present for public consumption. These limitations, notwithstanding, there are specific factual, unbiased and well-balanced stories on witchcraft accusations as illustrated in these three cases from the

Thomas J. Coleman III, Kenan Sevinç, Ralph W. Hood Jr. and Jonathan Jong

nonreligious individuals in today’s society: If theistic beliefs are so efficacious in ameliorating the fear of death for believers, can the beliefs held by nonbelievers operate similarly, and what might these beliefs be? In the present article, we review selected Terror Management Theory ( TMT ) research on

Anastasia E. Somerville-Wong

within a liturgical framework that does not present them as sacred, divinely inspired or as historical fact. There is even room for secular interpretations of the established weekly or annual celebrations of parent faiths and cultures as well as celebrations of secular figures such as Charles Darwin and

After Darwin

Morality in a Secular World

Jeff O’Connell and Michael Ruse

and selection. We must call those spurious philanthropists, who, to prevent present misery, would entail greater misery upon future generations. All defenders of a Poor Law must, however, be classed among such. That rigorous necessity which, when allowed to act on them, becomes so sharp a spur to the

Cécile Laborde

coercive laws by public officials. While all kinds of reasons, including merely intelligible ones, can be presented by, and engaged with, citizens in democratic debate, public officials have a duty not to justify laws merely by appeal to reasons that are intelligible. They should not present their personal

Élise Rouméas

. Careful examination of the four criteria indicates the following: (a) the law is directly burdensome; (b) the burden is severe; (c) the aim of the law could be presented as pivotal to egalitarian justice; and (d) cost-shifting is significant. Balancing these considerations does not decisively point to one

Zofia Stemplowska

. When a small group of MP  s objected, they were told that the cross had not been consecrated and so was not, in fact, a (proper) cross and hence it was not a desecration to move it. 6 The atheists who were present had no trouble using, understanding and engaging with the reason. It seems that we can

Jonathan Fox

question, this trend has either remained stable or gotten stronger between 1990 and 2014. Official government policy , presented in table 1, measures how states on a formal basis relate to religion. The most striking result is that over 30 % have official religions, clearly not a secular policy by any

Questioning the Presence of the Past

How Genuine Is the Contemporary Revival of Antique Horizons of Existential Meaning?

Thomas Kriza

relevance from the works of Hadot and Foucault, I will present arguments against the claim that a genuine revival of antique existential horizons is even possible within perspectives of modern thought. I will clarify why today’s relationship to premodern conceptions of existential meaning can be understood

Diluted Liberalisms and Emaciated Neutralities

Reaggregating Alternative Disaggregations

Michael Freeden

factor in the patterns that obtain, and can obtain, alongside those that ought to obtain. The other problematic concerns the allusions of Rawlsian-inspired philosophers to comprehensive theories of the good. These may be present in some religions and totalitarian systems, but otherwise ‘comprehensive