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Wolfgang Häde

, “Religious freedom has become an emblematic value to the West … something beyond question” (p. i). Noel D. Johnson and Mark Koyama, both associate professors at George Mason University, USA , venture to explain the development towards religious freedom in Europe “from the Fall of Rome to the present-day” (p

Angel D. Santiago-Vendrell

formation for economic reasoning using Amos, Isaiah, and Micah as case studies. Chapter eight deals with the creation myths presented in the book of Genesis in contrast with the Babylonian myth Enuma Elish . Chapter nine presents the kingdom’s economy of abundance using the story of the young rich man who

Angel Santiago-Vendrell

for the benefit of the imperial nation doing the evangelization. There is no doubt that in the history of mission there has been an equation between missionaries and imperial power. But such equation is more complicated than the one presented by Medina. To take one of his examples, the life of David

David Muthukumar Sivasubramanian

is correct in many senses, such rigid differentiations do induce a modalistic conception of Trinity and thus subordinates the subjective to the objective dimension ( Ruach to Logos ). Also, it has been customary to present Jesus of Nazareth as the particular and the Spirit as the universal agent in

Francis Benyah

particularly so on the African continent, where Christianity in its present Pentecostal form is part and parcel of the people’s daily life. One reason that has accounted for the massive growth and expansion of the Pentecostal movement on the African continent is the relevance of the movement’s theology which

Kirsteen Kim

mission to God because many acts of terror – past and present – are motivated by such a belief that the perpetrators are on a divine mission (2007: 41). In other words, paradoxically, despite its efficacy in helping churches in the West to think of themselves as in mission in their own backyard and to

David Ngong

sacrifice that comes through love for people rather than the desire for their exploitation and destruction. This is the ultimate vision of sacrifice because its goal is to present Africans as people God loves and cherishes, thus dedicating the people to God. This understanding of sacrifice offers Africa to

Steve Taylor

in the name Jericho. This is present in the speech by the Omie village chief in Book Two, in which he pronounces Jericho (Modjeska 2012:351) as “the man who make a great noise, blow down the walls.” In the Old Testament, Joshua is an agent of salvation, who leads his people to “make a great noise

Martin Ward

stipulations of the treaty were not being kept and that in those incidents the British consul was entirely impotent. Emphasizing that the reason why he raised these issues was not to complain that Christians should be suffering persecution for their faith, he insisted, The present Chinese policy will be fatal

Alexander Chow

Christianity (2000: 102). Yet through general revelation, ancient China had ideas such as Shangdi 上帝 (Lord on high) and Tian 天 (Heaven). Present day Chinese should be reminded of this ancient heritage and offered a greater meaning through the special revelation of the bible. This would result in an