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Terry Rey

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2006 Religion and Human Rights, 1:229–248. Catholicism and Human Rights in Haiti: Past, Present, and Future Terry Rey* Abstract This article surveys the relationship between Catholicism and human rights during four periods of Haitian history: (1) the colonial era

M. Joel Voss

observation, and elite interviews are used to describe and explain strategies used by states to contest or advocate for their positions on family in Geneva. This section will briefly outline each step used in this article. First, case studies of each resolution presented at the Council structures the article

Jayeel Cornelio and Robbin Charles M. Dagle

weaponisation by relating it to the experience of the Catholic Church in the contemporary public sphere and the militant character of Christianity in the Philippines. 3 Religious Freedom and LGBTQ Rights Religious freedom is presented in the literature in two ways. Although in principle it emphasises an

Jeroen Temperman

touch on an essentially legal issue, it exclusively consists of contributions by political and social philosophers, political theorists and readers in ethics. As a result, the examples do not provide an in-depth legal analysis. In their introduction, the editors begin by presenting an interesting

Brett G. Scharffs

reconcilable with Article 9 insofar as it is ‘designed only to punish improper proselytism’, which the Court says it ‘does not have to define in the abstract in the present case’. 25 The Court notes that the Greek courts did not offer evidence that the Mr. Kokkinakis’ proselytizing was “improper.” The Greek


A. van de Beek, Eduardus van der Borght and Bernardus Vermeulen

The idea of freedom of religion was developed in Europe in the 16th and 17th century in the context of religious diversity as an alternative for religious wars. The concept requires reconsideration in the current globalized culture: religious plurality has increased as has the awareness of the religious potential for social cohesion and for sectarian division and violence. In this volume, legal experts, sociologists, theologians, and philosophers clarify the historical development of the concept, and analyze the present situation in various countries with religious tensions. They propose possible models and solutions, and discuss the fundamental question of whether the Western model of human rights with its separation of religion and state and freedom of religion can be conceived as universal.

Sam Shirazi

transmitted to 7th century Arabian society. Human rights are a slightly more complex version of pineapples in paradise, but they both present essentially the same thought experiment. Understanding that Islam does not mandate one clear position on human rights—i.e. proving a negative—is an important step

Stijn Smet

particular, to improve upon those existing analyses. First, I aim to present an account that is more coherent with the actual practice than accounts that favour the civil servant, proponents of which generally submit that she should be granted an exemption or be reasonably accommodated. 11 Although those

Fernando Méndez Powell

regular commercial, public or community stations are all practices that are common throughout the world. However, these practices have also, in some cases, been prohibited or subjected to restrictions. The goal of the present article is to assess whether it is ever valid, under international human rights

Júlia Mink

compelled to operate as associations. Without entering into a detailed analysis of the differences of ‘church status’ proper and the ‘association status’ available to those religious communities which are not recognised as ‘churches’, some main points in the present Hungarian legal framework seem to be