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Line Kollerup Oftedal and Jes Lynning Harfeld

. The issues in question can be PTSD , anxiety, depression or other inhibiting issues. Several organizations in the US, Europe and Australia provide psychiatric service dog training and certification which indicates that such dogs are, if not common, then at least present in several societies (see for

E. Natoli, G. Cariola, G. Dall’Oglio and P. Valsecchi

about the fate of domestic dogs (and cats) is spreading across European societies. The first objective of this paper is to briefly analyse the legal status of unowned dogs in countries of the European Union and the level of protection they benefit. Secondly, we want to present and discuss the ethical

Andrew N. Rowan, Tamara Kartal and John Hadidian

of cat predation are likely incorrect (too high) because the higher cat population estimates are erroneous. There are probably far fewer cats outdoors (or full-time cat equivalents outdoors) than most of the papers claim. The second argument that is present in nearly all publications addressing the

P. Dalla Villa, P. Migliaccio, I. Innocenti, M. Nardoia and D.C. Lafiandra

total of 222 cats living in the territories of Accumoli, Amatrice, Borbona and Cittareale were included in the program; 217 were sterilized (122 females and 95 males), while 5 of them were found to be already spayed/neutered. Among these, 55 animals (20 males and 35 females) were presented by citizens

Anne Fawcett

present an embryonic version of this paper at their 2017 conference and directed me to some key references and resources. Dr Elly Hiby, ICAM Coalition Scientific Coordinator, and Dr Cynthia Karsten assisted by helping locate additional references. Kristina Vesk from the Cat Protection Society and Dr

Denise Remy and R. ter Meulen

the 10 veterinarians consulted work in different settings and different places, with farm animals or with companion animals or both). All professional journals present in the libraries of the Faculty of Pharmacy and of the College of Veterinary Medicine in Lyon were identified. Information concurred

David Lamb

natural world, to experience the immediate present uncluttered with thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, they are superior to me. Another day, I might be out water training my dogs, and be moved by the expression on a Newfoundland’s face as it swims to ‘rescue’ its human companion. It would not be an

Bernard Rollin

emblazoned in the western mind. Jesus is depicted both as shepherd and lamb from the origin of Christianity until the present in paintings, literature, song, statuary, and poetry as well as in sermons. To this day, ministers are called shepherds of their congregation, and pastor derives from “pastoral”. And

Thomas M. Edling

Knowledge, N.D.). There are references to “veterinarians” and veterinary practices throughout literature from ancient Mesopotamia to the present. The founding of the veterinary school in Lyon, France by Claude Bourgelat in 1761 began the modern era of the veterinary profession ( RCVS Knowledge, N.D.). The

Eugenia Natoli, Nadja Ziegler, Agnés Dufau and Maria Pinto Teixeira

this article, the TNR method, described in detail such as the capture, neutering and return to the place of capture of all cats, prior to their identification and census on the name of the municipality, is presented as an option to control the feline population. The last implemented Animal Protection