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Sharda Patasar

and addition of practices to the existing traditions that came with indentured workers. The Ganesh Utsav ( utsav means festival) is one such addition to the Hindu repertoire. This article focuses on the adaptations of the ritual art of the Ganesh Utsav in Trinidad, specifically the ritual art of

Grace Aneiza Ali

waters”], depositing more than a quarter-million men and women from India to Guyana’s Atlantic coast. Over the last eight decades, as Indians laboured on British-owned sugar plantations and rice fields, the rituals and ceremonies they practised and creatively invented served as a sacred gesture to

Jane Chin Davidson

the aqueduct by conducting the ritual of urination: “We continued from Xianghua toward Denzhou, stopping along the way when we’d find the aqueduct. I tried to pee each time we came to a site.” 2 The ritual included a prosthetic procedure using a device that allowed her to remain standing while

Moulded Memories

The Shaping of the Subliminal

Joshua Lue Chee Kong

), rituals and customs, and the objects that are used in these rituals. How objects embody human expression fascinates me the most. There is not one culture I can honestly say is my favourite as they all are very intriguing: the burials of pharaohs in Egypt, the Dogon masks from West Africa, the illustrative

Raciality: Yellowface and the Challenge of Transnational Critique  163 Lok C. D. Siu Volume 2, No. 3 Articles The Ritual Art of the Ganesh Utsav in Trinidad  181 Sharda Patasar The Circulation of Post-Millennial Extreme Cinema  200 Aaron Michael Kerner Mirror on the Wall: Photography, Logos , and the

Ellen C. Scott

footage. This transition is intended to protect the viewer who may be triggered by violent imagery, in addition to truly revealing the excessiveness of Eric Garner’s death. My experimental short Sapphire (2017) explores rituals of cleaning as a therapeutic practice for a depressed Black woman. While

Robert Houle

. © robert houle . The question of where we came from is answered when the Anishnabec address the Laurentian Shield as their grandfather. For us this is to witness the time of our creation, a narrative repeated in rituals and ceremonies. It is based on the stories left by the ancient ones, an identity

Lan Duong

non-synchronous sounds and subtitles that further disrupted the meaning and totality of the compilation. Images of the moving body were stitched together by the artist’s deeply satisfying poetry, which used everyday language to play with and speak to constructs of masculinity, ritual, consumption, and

Nora Annesley Taylor

witness to the live event in Chicago). Subjecting her bare back to this act of writing reminds the viewer of a kind of branding ritual, even torture. However, it also speaks to the washing away of memory and history with time. While the introductory remarks may prompt musing on the geographical context

Alice Ming Wai Jim

retained a distinct identity. Narrated by Telengut’s grandmother, Tears of Inge recounts a popular Indigenous story of a weeping camel (Inge) in the Mongolian desert who, weak from hunger and a difficult delivery, rejects her newborn. It is only when herders perform an ancient shamanic coaxing ritual