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Mohammed Maarouf

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/057053909X12475581297560 Arabica 56 (2009) 400-439 ʿ Āšūrā ʾ as a Female Ritual Challenge to Masculinity 1 Mohammed Maarouf Chouaib Doukkali University (El Jadida, Morocco) Abstract This paper presents an ethnographic image of ʿ

Aryeh Kofsky and Meir Bar-Asher

DOGMA AND RITUAL IN KIT À B AL - MA 'À RIF BY THE NU Í AYR Ì THEOLOGIAN AB Ù SA 'Ì D MAYM Ù N B. AL - Q À SIM AL - ˇ ABAR À N Ì (D. 426/1034 - 35)*  MEIR M. BAR-ASHER AND ARYEH KOFSKY À la mémoire de notre ami François P. Dreyfus, o.p. (1918-1999) Abstract The study presents and analyzes Kit

1. Mufīdat al-ṭullāb fī qaṭʿ man qayyada hādhā ’l-bāb.94 vv. based on the popular primer of al-ʿAwfī, on ritual purity, prayer and fasting.MS: Ibadan (UL), 144 (al-Mufīd li’l-ṭullāb)....

Susan Slyomovics

Būqālah designates at one and the same time a material ceramic object as well as the immateriality of a poem performed and ritually embedded in the traditional, favorite, divinatory pastime of many Algerian women. Thus, būqālah (also spelled in the literature as bouqala, boukala, boqala , and

An order traced back to the Syrian saint, Saʿd al-Dīn al-Jibāwī b. Yūnus al-Shaybānī (d. 736/1335). The order spread to Egypt by the seventeenth century, where it became well known for its distinctive ritual, the dawsa ceremony, in which the order’s shaykh rode on horseback over the prostrate

’l-manākīr ay al-farnī wa’l-nushādir.On problems raised in regard to ritual ablution, both major and minor, by women’s manicure and make-up habits. The arguments are based not only on fiqh, but also on health c...

d. before 1970. Nasīm al-ṣabā, 145; Abdul-Rahmon (1989), 67, 141-54, 239-56. Secretary of the Zumrat al-Udabāʾ, founded in 1947. 1. Dalīl al-ghāfīl ilā ʿafw al-ghāfir.Waʿẓ poem of 46 vv. on issues of public morality and ritual: ʿidda, women’s dress, parental responsibility, offerings for the

-Akhḍarī and the [K. al-ṣalāt] of al-ʿAwfī, two of the most widely studied works on Islamic rituals of worship in West Africa.In around 1950 he went to study the Risāla of Ibn Abī Zayd with his materna...

Majd Yaser Al-Mallah

allegiance and the patronÕs acknowledgment of obligation toward the poet. The analysis focuses on what the panegyric ode does and what e ff ect it has on the poet and patron within a proper context in the community. The paper uses speech act theory as a general framework for the ritual of gift exchange

Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych

poem itself. After analyzing the structural and generic differences between the Burdah and the Su fi ghazal of Ibn al-F®ri¥ of which it is technically a contrafaction ( muÆ®ra¥ah ), this study argues that the overall ritual-poetic structure of the Burdah , as contained in Parts 1-3 and 9-10 of the poem