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Afaf A. Hameed

about yourselves unless it is for good, for the angels say “amen” in response to that which you say’. 8 She mentions many narrations on the virtues of certain deeds and rituals, and she clarifies their rulings, as she does, for example, with verses that mention fasting during the month of Ramaḍān, and

Abdulla Galadari

history would be imperative. 2.1 The Case against Imitation My argument is based on the notion of imitating ijtihād ( taqlīd al-ijtihād ). Interpretation comes in various forms, and there are many challenges when trying to interpret the Qurʾan or understand the reasons that rituals or laws of the

Ahmad Sanusi Azmi

Muḥammad’s early life that later scholars employed to illustrate God’s guidance upon him before he became a prophet. 48 This can be classified as God: (1) inspiring his theological thought; (2) directing his physical appearance; and (3) assisting his ritual performance. The first part can be inferred from

Mohd Abd Wahab Fatoni bin Mohd Balwi, Ahmad Sufian bin Che Abdullah and Asmuliadi Lubis

different categories, namely ʿibāda ḫuṣūṣīyya (“special worship”) and ̒ ibāda ̒āmma (“general worship”). ʿIbāda ḫuṣūṣīyya refers to the direct and personal worship that man does, and which has God determined; this includes performing religious rituals, such as prayer, fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat

Raymond K. Farrin

Qurʾānic sūra , stress is placed on reciprocity and kind, just treatment. 2.2 Section B ( 43-104 ) : Fighting in God’s Cause Section B, in its first part (like other sections, the second section of this sūra contains three parts: 43-57, 58-83, 84-104), deals with such matters as prayer, ritual

Mustaffa bin Abdullah, Abdul Karim bin Ali and Sedek bin Ariffin

persoalan mengusik minda yang memerlukan peleraian secara ilmiah. 2.1 Peggunaan Bahasa Arab dan Bahasa Tempatan Dalam Solat Sarfraz Khan mengatakan pergerakan reformis Islam memperkenalkan sikap yang lebih demokratik dalam institusi agama dan ritual. Perkara ini telah menggalakkan perkembangan ilmu

Tazul Islam

rituals – “the five pillars of Islam” – and the law is more reminiscent of Judaism than Christianity. However, Islam has always had a special place in its affection for the Christians, something reiterated in Q 5:82. One of the reasons adduced by the Quran for this affinity is the Christians’ humility and

Omar Nakib

mankind as if it is only concerned with a set of ritual activities at certain determined periods of the day, such as salat (prayers). However, it should be understood that “the concept of ibādah (worship) encompasses in its meaning more than a limited number of prayers and rites. Human beings have not

Munʿim Sirry

that they elevated her to divine status. One of their central rituals consisted of offering a small cake, which in Greek is called collyrida, and hence they were called “Collyridians.” 31 Qāsimī’s view is significant for interreligious conversations because he acknowledges that the Qur’an does not

DS Adnan Majid

submitting slave will encounter while [doing/in] ṣalāh (ritual prayer), asking God [in it] [for anything/desirously], except that He will give it to him.’ {Kaʿb said, ‘That is on a particular day each year,’ and I responded, ‘No, on every Friday.’ So Kaʿb read the Torah and said that God’s messenger ( ṣ