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Wolfgang Sterk, Rie Watanabe, Herniann E. Ott and Bettina Wittneben

ritual at an almost surrealistic slow pace, apparently unaffected by time pressure. While it did see some progress on important issues for developing countries such as the Adaptation Fund, the Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation to Climate Change, and the Clean Development

Rosario Ferrara

ritual forms of impact assessment, such as, for example, with regard to biotechnologies or nature protection. 1 4 It is, however, in other sections, in other general disciplines of our legal system that I would deem suitable to find support about how risk and emer- gency are consubstantial with public

Richard Macrory

to bring people together to explore where common ground exists ”. Prime Minister, Speech to National Council of Voluntary Organizations 3 September 2007 . 39) See, for example, Sham’ Citizens juries face controls , The Observer, 30 Sept 2007 . 40) Glasner P ( 2001 ) Rights or rituals: why juries can


Piotr Szwedo

authorities should intervene only if there is a danger of speculation or price manipulation. 43 Islam encourages water saving. The Prophet himself is said to have used only a small volume of water for ritual ablution (approx. ⅔ l) and for washing his body (2–3 l). 44 For this reason, some countries, such


Menxing Lu

believes that five virtues (‘wuchang’ ) should be self-cultivated by humans, and they are humanness (‘ ren ’), righteousness (‘ yi ’), ritual (‘ li ’), wisdom (‘ zhi ’), and sincerity (‘ xin ’). More particularly, ‘ ren ’ is the foremost virtue among all five virtues. 1019 It traditionally refers to the


Nikolas Sellheim

in it are in the society and culture of Newfoundland. 92 Candow notes that the seal hunt furthermore served as a ritual to enter manhood and as a sportive competition between different sealing crews. 93 The strengthening of social cohesion is, therefore, an elementary part of the socio


Edgar Pieterse

power is derived from keeping the system as is. The culturally specific manifestation of these dynamics needs to be made legible through careful research and analysis. Three conceptual entry points are relevant for this research work: narrative, ritual and deal-making. The narrative dimension of

Role of Rural Regulations in Environmental Protection and Green Development

Findings from Wendou Village in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Minority Autonomous Prefecture Pinghe County Hekou Township in Guizhou Province


Gao Qicai

, January 6, 2010. 15 Chai Rongyi and Luo Yihang point out that the ethnic minority in southwest China still keeps the whole frame of their natural worship rituals, which are generally worship of natural matters such as heaven, earth, mountains, rivers, animals and plants. Their reverence for the

Towards an Integrative Approach to Spatial Transformation

Addressing Contextual and Spatial Indifference in Design, Urban Planning and International Cooperation: A Case Study from Addis Ababa


Sascha Delz

and Development ( Oxon and New York : Routledge ). Sennett R. ( 2012 ) Together—The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation ( London : Allen Lane / Penguin Group ). Teshome D. ( 2011 ) The Effects of Urban Development in Addis Ababa—A Study of the Belt Highway Project ( Saarbrücken


Mofihli Teleki

and land in various ways. 33 One can mention that cultural rituals tend to be performed in settings that are appropriate for communities. 34 It is for this reason that cultural value would be attached to the rights to land or vice versa. In other instances, land also creates provisions for