Francis O'Gorman

practitioners were ordained ministers. If not making specific theological claims, furthermore, much natural history presented itself as generally morally improving and often animal life was depicted as emblematic of human truths as in Elizabeth Surr's Sea-Birds, and the Lessons of their Lives (c.1876). The

B.C. Dietrich and B.C. Dietrich

-24. 102 Od. 1, 320 (bird) ; 3, 372 (sea eagle); 5, 353 (sea-bird) ; 22, 240 (swallow) ; Il. 5, 778f. ; Il. 7, 59 (vultures). 103 Nilsson, M.M.R. 2, 330ff. ; Gesch. I, 290ff.; F. Matz, Göttererscheinung und Kultbild im minoischen Kreta, Wiesbaden 1958, passim; Dietrich, Origins 171. 104 This is the

Matthias Egeler

particularly friendly to Greeks, but the poet also adds that they avoid other men. They are sea-birds similar to swans, and build their nests on a stretch of ground which rises like a theatre. Further elaborations of this motif and other details about the island appear in the Roman sources. Virgil has