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B.C. Dietrich and B.C. Dietrich

-24. 102 Od. 1, 320 (bird) ; 3, 372 (sea eagle); 5, 353 (sea-bird) ; 22, 240 (swallow) ; Il. 5, 778f. ; Il. 7, 59 (vultures). 103 Nilsson, M.M.R. 2, 330ff. ; Gesch. I, 290ff.; F. Matz, Göttererscheinung und Kultbild im minoischen Kreta, Wiesbaden 1958, passim; Dietrich, Origins 171. 104 This is the

Matthias Egeler

particularly friendly to Greeks, but the poet also adds that they avoid other men. They are sea-birds similar to swans, and build their nests on a stretch of ground which rises like a theatre. Further elaborations of this motif and other details about the island appear in the Roman sources. Virgil has