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Shūhei Hosokawa

Translator Paul Warham

the Sambódromo, a stadium designed specifically for Carnival parades, to improve the spectacle of the competition and boost its tourist appeal. This elevation of the “small” carnival from its street-corner cradle to the main avenue of the city and a specially built stadium reflects the ways in which

Andrew Beatty

spectacle and more modest in aim, with only a minimal honouring of affines. It can serve as a stopgap, postponing a major feast, or it can be a first feast. Case study As an example let us examine the fatome of Ama Ujia of Sifalago, a feast Ovasa: Feasts of Merit in Nias . 227 held to inaugurate his new

‘This is Not a Trivialization of the Past’

Youthful Re-Mediations of Colonial Memory in Jakarta

Yatun Sastramidjaja

spectacle in itself’, as Peleggi (2005:264) argues is true of monumentalized colonial hotels in Southeast Asia, opened officials’ eyes to the potential to ‘tap into the high-end segment of the international tourism market’, as neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia had discovered before. This prospect made up

From ‘Men of Prowess’ to Religious Militias

Informal Sovereignties in Southeast Asia

Joshua Barker

perennialism; (2) the state and the market; and (3) the role of spectacle. In each of these domains scholars address questions and identify problems that are relevant for theorizing informal sovereignties everywhere. I will discuss each in turn. Patterns of Perennialism When one compares work

Julia Stephens

negotiations, to the public spectacle of courtroom dramas, including the trials of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Egyptian revolutionary Ahmed ʿUrabi, to visual representations of legal authority in portraits of Muslim sovereigns. In the final chapter of the book, Hussin brings her

Visisya Pinthongvijayakul

Those who are interested in studies on contemporary popular religion in Vietnam might be familiar with the vivid spectacle of the Vietnamese spirit world. The account of spirit mediumship is especially appealing in terms of performance and materiality. Recent anthropological research has

TV or Not TV

Spelling the Indonesian Media with Veven Sp. Wardhana

Edwin Jurriëns

, politics, and business in Indonesia. His creative work consisted of one novel, Stamboel selebritas (The celebrity spectacle, 2004b), and various volumes of short stories, including Perempuan yang gagal jadi kelelawar (The woman who failed to become a cave bat, 2013b, published posthumously), Dari mana


Performing the State

Jeremy J. Kingsley and Kari Telle

ability to project authority through symbolism. In his study of the nineteenth-century Balinese state, the negara , Geertz argued that rituals and spectacle constituted the core of the polity that was based on the ‘idea that by providing a model […] a faultless image of civilized existence, the court

Towards a Cosmopolitan Indonesia

Makassar as a Paradigm for Organising Cultural Diversity?

Christoph Antweiler

-cultural orientations, cultural diversity is, thus, de-politicised or commoditised to folklore or spectacle. The prototypical examples are the Indonesian nationalist historiography, schoolbooks showing Kebudayaan Indonesia , the state-led konsep nusantara played out in provincial museums, and in the Taman Mini

Neneng Yanti Khozanatu Lahpan

antiquatedness, backwardness, tradition, and non-Islamic qualities. Modernity had become such a core element of Indonesian Islamic self-reflection that localized Islamic genres were to be re-assigned the function of spectacle in place of their previous function as ritual. This process is called ‘desacralization