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Rosalie Jukier

généraux du droit privé dans la province de Québec Librairie Dalloz at 85. 24)   Genex Communications inc v Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo , 2009 QCCA 2201 at paragraph 27, [2009] RJQ 2743 [‘puisqu’il n’y a pas vraiment de stare decisis en droit civil, la

Bakr A.F. Alserhan

of May 2016 at As to the position of common law in general, concerning the fair-minded observer criterion, see C. Okpaluba and Laurence Juma, Apprehension of Bias and the Spectacle of the Fair-Minded Observer: A Survey

Whistleblowers Under the Spotlight

The Cases of Japan and the uk

Stelios Andreadakis and Scott Morrison

G. Dehn, Whistleblowing Around the World: Law, Culture and Practice ( idasa Publishers, 2004). 4 R.G. Vaugn, The Successes and Failures of Whistleblower Laws (Edward Elgar, 2012). 5 M. D. West Secrets, Sex and Spectacle: The Rules of Scandal in Japan and the United States

mankind stands to benefi t from this new, “improved”, method of dealing with its sworn enemies, e.g. , sparing itself a lot of technical headaches, saving piles of money and oodles of time, and staging an eye-popping spectacle for the local folk. To my mind, this book should be recommended reading for a

George Ginsburgs

process of trial-and-error, of lessons learned from bitter experience has been replaced by the serene spectacle of the revolution's chieftains in the guise of enthusiastic apprentices in statecraft. . Whether or not the preceding tableau is credible is not the issue. Rather, what is significant is that

George Ginsburgs

believed to be living in Scotland. A special investigations unit set up in Scotland after Britain adopted the War Crimes Act was forthwith disbanded. What made the whole spectacle even more bizarre was that it occurred after a Scottish judge had already described Antanas Gecas as a war criminal who had