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Florian Schneider is managing editor of the academic journal Asiascape: Digital Asia , director of the Leiden Asia Centre, and the author of three books: Staging China: the Politics of Mass Spectacle (Leiden University Press 2019), China’s Digital Nationalism (Oxford University Press 2018

John Forster

and ceremonies, but it is no different than the changing of the Guard becoming a tourist spectacle. Whether it be turning a moral nexus into a cash nexus or a ceremony into a spectacle there is a profanation involved which serves as a basis for considerable misunderstanding and resentment, as these

Kenneth V. Lottich

Rearce, 1944. 3 K. G. Bartlett, "Social Impact of the Radio," in The Annals (Philadelphia), Vol. 250 (March, 1947), pp. 89-97. 4 Quoted in H. Cantril, The Invasion from Mars, p. 65, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1940. 60 standpoint the spectacle exhibits radio as a psychological power all

Yoram S. Carmeli

reality of modernity (characterized by fragmentation, the rise of fetishism, as well as the phenomenon of the spectacle [Debord, 1967; Benjamin, 1968; Baudrillard, 1980]). An analysis of circus in these historical contexts and with reference to sport will enhance a differential understanding of two

Louis A. Zurcher and Arnold Meadow

"laid to rest," etc.). In Mexico, according to Robinson, "the bullfight spectacle is only one of the forms through which Mexicans make their obeisance to death."3 Brenner noted that concern for death is "an organic part of Mexican thought."4 The possibility of early or violent death is much greater for

Sighard Neckel

Political Spectacle , Chicago/London: University of Chicago Press. G  , A  W. 1975 The Norm of Reciprocity: A Preliminary Statement, in A.W. Gouldner, For Sociology. Renewal and Critique in Sociology Today , Harmondsworth: Penguin, pp. 226-259. G  , M  1963 Gossip and Scandal, Current

Annamarie Oliverio

spectacle of terrorism to its logical extreme, as a form of indirect defensive terror orchestrated to strengthen its power and image (Sanguinetti, 1979).4 In the Italian case, however, the process of competition and compromise among different interpretations led to the desuetude of the construct of

Alexander Attilio Vadala

symbols is essential to define the scope of the analysis. In this short article, we will look into prestige goods (Daloz 2003: 155), both quantitative and qualitative luxuries (Sombart [1913] 1967: 59), pomp, pageantry, spectacle and splendour (Canadine 1987: 28), stories, insignia, accessories

William Outhwaite, William Outhwaite and Larry Ray

, of course, a moving target. The regime of the USSR was well established by the early 1950s, and for close observers the hysterical purges there and in the satellites were an alarming spectacle, 18 but the Eastern European dictatorships had not been in power long, 19 before the death of Stalin in

Rituals, Emotional Entrainment and National Identification

A Cross-National Study around the European Football Championship

Christian von Scheve, Sven Ismer, Marta Kozłowska and Carolina Solms-Baruth

of Sport , 34 , 17 - 29 . Marivoet , S. ( 2006 ). Sports Mega-Events, Power, Spectacle and the City . Sociological Review , 54 , 125 - 143 . Marvin , C. , & Ingle , D.W. ( 1999 ). Blood Sacrifice and the Nation: Totem Rituals and the American Flag . New York