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Zhenjun Zhang

[Collected Lost Old Stories],” in Lu Xunquanji 魯迅全集 [ Complete Works of Lu Xun ] (Beijing: Renmin wenxue chubanshe, 1979), 8: 257. 35 Wang Genlin 王根林 et al., ed., Han wei liuchao biji xiaoshuo daguan 漢魏六朝筆記小說大觀 [ Grand Spectacle of Han Wei and Six Dynasty Zhiguai Stories ] (Shanghai: Shanghai guji

Richard Wolin

numerous precious elements, many positive aspects regarding the nature of the people and democracy. For example, it stresses love and humanity, community, harmony among different viewpoints, and sharing the world in common.” 1 One should also recall the memorable spectacle of the opening ceremonies at

Lifeng Han

respected elders in Yunzhou, Puzhou, Chanzhou, Weicheng county, and Changyuan county. 70 We can view Zhenzong’s strategies as a means of gaining support from the people for his regime and were part of the meticulously designed spectacle of declaring his reception of the Mandate of Heaven. By responding to