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Colin Koopman

collection In the Beginning Was the Deed from 2005) with an observation about tensions among various dimensions of equality, which we might now take to include, or speak to, tensions among Rondel’s cultural, institutional, and personal dimensions. Williams writes: “When one is faced with the spectacle of

Gustavo Arroyo

Wittgenstein (…) one finds the same disgust at the spectacle of philosophers quarreling endlessly over the same issue.” But it has been in recent contemporary analytical philosophy where the discussion of philosophical disagreement has become more intense. In recent years, a large body of philosophical

E. Paul Colella

stimulating power” resulting in an impoverishment of human possibility in the moral, practical, and the psychological sense. James had witnessed that easy-going attitude in full force when he visited the utopian camp grounds at Chautauqua. He recoils at the sad spectacle of human nature merely resting on its

Michael I. Räber

represented audience, who’s only function it is to judge the elected representatives based on observations of the performed political spectacle, listening to their rhetoric, looking at their performances and at the images they portray. Political representation understood as trusteeship, it seems, denies the

Santiago Rey

that they can make anything look good by redescription and have the power to enforce their vocabulary?” 7 One could imagine Rorty, had he lived to witness the depressing spectacle of this year’s American presidential election, just shrugging his shoulders and saying: “What happens is exactly what

Thomas Leddy

actors dressed to look like Zen monks sat on the stage before and often during the play. 22 They were simply sitting, breathing and, once in a long while, adjusting their postures when uncomfortable. This was fascinating to watch and added to the overall spectacle of the performance. Bear in mind that


Georges Sorel

before the ideation, which seems to us today to be isolated from its source. The following passage explains his way of seeing things: “If it is certain that there were laws before there were philosophers, we must infer that the spectacle of the inhabitants of Athens coming together through the act of