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Samuel England

The competitive performance of ijāzah poetry made for a good medieval spectacle. Now seven centuries after it fell from favor among Arab patrons, it makes for good television. A major Syrian media company, Sūriyā al-Dawliyyah, aired the historical drama Mulūk al-Ṭawāʾif (“The Party Kings” of al

Annie Gagiano

time or deliberate obscurantism needs to be queried, in line with Susan Sontag’s indignant words: To speak of reality becoming a spectacle is a breath-taking provincialism. It universalizes the viewing habits of a small, educated population living in the rich part of the world, where news has been


Johan Callens

. Paul Evans . Amsterdam : Amsterdam UP , 2011 . Pratt , Stephanie . “ Objects, Performance and Ethnographic Spectacle: George Catlin in Europe .” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 15 . 2 ( 2013 ): 272 – 285 . Rebellato , Dan . Theatre & Globalization . Foreword

Moisés Prieto

concluding the set on the history of emotions is composed of twenty-six contributions and edited by Jean-Jacques Courtine. It is divided in five sections devoted to roughly ‘thinking the emotions’, ordinary emotions, traumatic experiences, emotional regimes and the spectacle of emotions. Jan Plamper’s first

David Taylor

soldiers around Berlin and Brandenburg particularly afflicted him. While imprisoning Cossack troops halted the burnings of villages, Mitchell was devastated by the ‘horror spectacle’ of what he saw. 83 Every step one advances moves compassion. Had I not seen it, I never could have believed that it was

Jessie Allen

a spectacle of lethal violence that engulfs its targets and terrorises their families and communities but remains invisible to those it allegedly protects. But suppose there were pragmatic public explanations for targeted killings – would that practice be more politically and morally sound than the