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Carl Mika

spectacle, most likely a traditional ceremony ( Mika, 2017b ). At a stretch, indigenous philosophy could be philosophy of a particular kind with its recitation of genealogies or creation stories, but even then it is more likely a quaint story or set of myths – supernatural and unverifiable. In that sense

Henry A. Giroux

his base and Putin’s message is to squelch dissent in general among the larger populace. Referring to Putin’s reign of terror, Gessen writes: The spectacle of children being arrested sends a stronger message than any amount of police violence against adults could do. The threat that children might be

Brian Lozenski and Guy Chinang

need for spectacle being the constants. Nationalism requires imagined connections across distance ( Anderson, 2006 ). Media become the atmospheric glue that binds collective imagination. This plays out in the US in such a way that notions of national identity have moved from the maintenance of an

Julie Frechette

algorithms and analytics. In the 2016 presidential election, media executives encouraged their news stations to use the spectacle of personalities and polls to drive ratings. Their strategy worked, as ratings spiked by roughly 40 percent over the previous year on Fox News, and cnn overcame near 20-year