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Phillip W. Jones

Ed van den Berg, Marilou R. Gallos and Jocelyn R. Locaylocay

In developing the Science Teacher Education Project Southern Philippines (STEPS), the University of San Carlos, Philippines and the Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands cooperated to establish and institutionalise a pre-service science and mathematics teacher education program and to improve the quality of science and mathematics education in the university. The project succeeded in recruiting and retaining top students for science teacher education, to develop realistic teaching methods for crowded Philippine classrooms, to integrate subject-specific pedagogy into science and science education courses and support this by original faculty research, to build excitement into teacher science courses, and maintain stimulating contacts with graduates teaching in schools. The project's outreach to university science departments had demonstrated classroom impact with about 50% of faculty participating and highlighted the importance of mentoring, team teaching and sustained institutional support for teaching improvement. This chapter discusses the requirements for achieving improvement of education at the classroom level and for institutionalising the gains.

Nelofer Halai

Pakistan is a society in transition in more ways than one: politically it is still trying to find its place in the democratic nations of the world; economically it is taking steps to move closer to a market-based economy; and socially it is nurturing a more liberal and just society by reining in the religious extremists. In the aftermath of 9/11 stress has been on educational reform in a number of areas including - updating curriculum, improving access to schooling and developing teacher education. Teacher as the agent of reform is slowly gaining currency in Pakistan. The Institute for Educational Development (IED), which started working under the aegis of the Aga Khan University in 1993, is well placed to be in the vanguard of this educational change and reconstruction. IED offers a two-year Masters programme in Teacher Education and shorter in-service programmes which include, among many others, an eight-week Certificate in Education programme in curricular subjects such as science and mathematics. This book chapter discusses how this in-service programme serves to reconstruct teachers' ideas about science from "a collection of facts" to an inquiry-based subject. The conception of science as evolving, tentative and not as "truth" for all time, has implications for the society at large which generally considers knowledge to be fixed and "true". The in-service programme is also very innovative in the ways in which it endeavors to bridge the theory-practice gap. Some research studies conducted on the efficacy of this reform initiative will also be discussed.


Jan McGhie

student mentors as facilitators within a subject-specific summer programme and to investigate if engagement with mentors influences a young person’s decision to apply to and enter higher education. Furthermore, the research aims to examine the nature of the mentor-pupil relationship created and establish

Global Education in the 21st Century

A Critical Approach through a Social Education Lens

Cameron White

-changing criticality in the bricolage of the research ( Steinberg, 2011 ). A “schism” of sorts is still perpetuated by the either/or debate regarding the efficacy of information as knowledge. The claim here is that humanity cannot and should not be continually subjected to quantification, or a simple right

Interrogating Equity Discourses

Conceptual Considerations and Overlooked Complexities


Marianna Papastephanou

groups defined socially, economically, or geographically” ( Starfield, 2011 , p. 1), then, I think, equity cannot just be a matter of ameliorating individual achievement and the fate of the autonomous subject, as the liberal view often seems to assume. This admission further leads us to ask what counts


Liz Jackson

with less prejudice undergirds several objectives of the Hong Kong subject Liberal Studies. Liberal Studies became part of the curriculum in 2009 and is the only compulsory subject in senior secondary education (grades 10–12) apart from Chinese language, English language, and math. Germane to the needs

Transitioning from an EdD to a PhD

A Critical Case Study through a Social/Global Education Lens

Cameron White

bricolage of the research ( Steinberg, 2011 ). The debate regarding the efficacy of quantitative/qualitative or even mixed methods approaches to educational research remains rampant. The claim here is that humanity cannot and should not be continually subjected to quantification – that it reduces human


Leandro Sepúlveda and María José Valdebenito

). Processes experienced by subjects and the strategies they develop to cope with their living conditions are issues that remain poorly addressed in educational research in Chile. From this perspective, this article provides some background to an on-going study of educational-labour pathways of young Chilean

Cameron White

more information with knowledge and learning and place this information in subject disciplines. But do we go through life moving from subject to subject in these easily compartmentalized categories; or do we integrate more holistically? We need schooling and social studies and history education that