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Wido van Peursen

preceding clause. Whether or not it does so, depends on an interplay of two mechanisms: inheritance and blocking. Kalkman identifies the syntactic phenomena that determine these mechanisms, such as constituent order or subject continuity or discontinuity. Another PhD student of Talstra, Oliver Glanz


Diana Edelman

בגד would be a bet of cause, and the definite article before בגד would be intended to signal possession (Joüon §137f). The logical owner of the clothes would be the subject of the sentence, Michal. 4) Michal first arranged the bed’s canopy (כביר העזים) to obscure a clear view of the contents of


Mercedes L. García Bachmann

conqueror was far from affection. I am also aware that romantic love is overpriced and culturally-bound. Yet, since I am also culturally bound in this particular case to the “tango connection” that brought me to this subject, at this point I will only look at biblical texts depicting relationships permeated


Michael Segal

καρδία αὐτοῦ], καὶ εἶπεν (ἐνέγκαι…) (1) King Baltasar …(2) And he was drinking wine, [and his heart was exalted] 27 and he said (to bring the gold and silver vessels …). The name Βαλτασαρ is not repeated at the beginning of v. 2 as in mt /Theod since the subject continues from v. 1. There is no


Johann Cook

considerable number of issues. A prominent one is that the translator chose to interpret his subject matter rather freely; diversity was therefore an important guiding principle for him. Hence this should act as a critical directing principle for the interpreter. Finally, the warning by Jacobus Naudé should be


Izak Cornelius

into language. They want neither to be levelled into a ‘history of images’ nor elevated into a ‘history of art’, but to be seen as complex individuals occupying multiple subject positions and identities. 21 There is no need to remind ourselves that in ancient Israel there were images and that these


Jacqueline E. Lapsley

who advocate an end to torture would surely agree that it is not okay to torture animals, either. Yet animals in our sanctioned industrial systems of food production are routinely legally subjected to treatment that mirrors the practices of torture. The solution to this problem is not to deny the