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Ronny Vollandt


Dorothy BEA Akoto-Abutiate

the American Academy of Religion. The Steering Committee for the second meeting consisted of Dr Brandon Gallaher, Dr Harold D. Hunter, Dr Paul Ladouceur, and Dr Daniela C. Augustine. The subject for discussion at the second meeting on November 16, 2018, was ‘Spiritual Experience’. The meeting heard

The Kābôd of Yhwh in the Old Testament

with Particular Reference to the Book of Ezekiel


P. de Vries

In this study on the kābôd of YHWH biblical texts are approached from a canonical perspective, and the synchronic approach prevails over the diachronic. Ben Sira characterized Ezekiel as the prophet who saw the appearance of the glory of God. This characterization is not based on the number of occurrences of kābôd in Ezekiel. The peculiarity of Ezekiel is that kābôd is used almost exclusively as a hypostasis of YHWH. Ezekiel’s description of the kābôd of YHWH is more elaborate than any other Old Testament writer’s, and it highlights the dual and paradoxical nature of the divine kābôd as both defying verbal description and being potentially visible. This research highlights especially the importance of the visible aspect.

Pentecostalism and Experience

History, Theology, and Practice

Lisa P. Stephenson

Christian churches is that the Holy Spirit has become the subject of theological dogma rather than a burning experience in the personal lives of believers’. 14 As such, Pentecostalism was a protest movement. It ‘was a protest against the use of religious words without religious experiences to back them

Cleansing Instead of Combat?

E. Janet Warren’s Temple-Cosmos Model of Counteracting Evil, and its Implications for Charismatic Missiology

Christian J. Anderson

Publishers, 2000). 27 Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi, ‘A study of strategic level spiritual warfare from a Chinese perspective’, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 9.1 (2006), pp. 143–61; cf. p. 160. On the subject of continuity of spirit cosmology, it is worth contrasting Paul Hiebert’s expectation that a self

Paul Ladouceur

essence and the divine energy is crucial to clarify how God makes himself known in creation. This distinction was the subject of a great philosophical, theological and spiritual quarrel in the 14th century over the possibility of knowing and experiencing God. The quarrel pitted the monks of Mount Athos


Edited by Thomas Hardtke, Ulrich Schmiedel and Tobias Tan

Peter Cowe

Part of 6–9 Latter Prophets - 6–9.2 Secondary Translations - 6–9.2.5 Armenian Translations The Armenian version of Ezekiel has not been the subject of detailed investigation. For this entry, Arm-Ezek has been collated according to the Zohrapean edition of 1805;Zohrapian, *Scriptures. the Greek

Vollandt, Ronny

Part of 9. Judith The history of the book of Judith in Arabic is largely uncharted. Judaeo-Arabic versions of the book remain unattested. In contrast, however, a number of manuscripts of Christian provenance survived.As summarised in Graf, *GCAL 1, 113. None of them has been subjected to a thorough