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Relevant insights into how the balance between the interests at stake is drawn in European case law can also be derived from cases concerning the implementation of Security Council targeted sanctions. These cases concern individuals who are directly targeted by the Security Council, through a un

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping

and the United Kingdom [ uk ]) decided to push for a Security Council resolution condemning the government’s violence and threatening targeted sanctions if violence against protestors did not cease. The resolution was vetoed by Russia and China on October 4, 2011 ( bbc News , October 4, 2011). El

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does not accept the need for change, the moment is not yet ripe for resolution. Military intervention or targeted sanctions might deepen the crisis but at great risk to those already suffering. Mediation must work with the power realities in any given conflict. Th is said however, Mbeki cannot medi- ate

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Essays in Honour of Sandy Ghandhi
Adjudicating International Human Rights honours Professor Sandy Ghandhi on his retirement from law teaching. It does so through a
series of targeted essays which probe the framework and adequacy of international human rights adjudication. Eminent international law
scholars (such as Sir Nigel Rodley, Professor Javaid Rehman and Professor Malcolm Evans), along with emerging writers in the field, take Professor Ghandhi’s body of work—focussed on human rights protection through legal institutions—as a starting point for a variety of analytical essays. Adjudicating International Human Rights includes chapters devoted to human rights protection in a number of different institutional contexts, ranging from the ICJ and the Human Rights Committee to truth commissions and NAFTA arbitration tribunals.

they have been quite porous. The Panel emphasized the usefulness of targeted sanctions (financial, travel, aviation or arms embargoes), rather than comprehensive economic sanctions of the sort that were in force against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. It stressed the need for effective monitoring mechanisms

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping

protect the universal UN collective security system against attempts to establish unipolar systems of coalitions of the will- ing for the use of military force. Th us, the Court’s jurisprudence diff ers from the ECJ which annulled an EU regulation implementing the UN Security Council’s targeted sanction

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping

• Special vulnerability of women and children: Require parties to make arrangements for assistance of children and women, etc .; • Sanctions: Targeted sanctions with minimum adverse eff ects; • Monitoring and reporting: Monitor regional organizations’ eff orts, 46 mea- sure and document the number of

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping

Reaction to Preemptive Action?, S+F Sicherheit und Frieden, Iss. 3, 2004, p. 146. Wallensteen, P. (Ed.), Making Targeted Sanctions Effective: Guidelines for the Implementation of UN Policy Options, Uppsala Publishing House, 2003, 147 pp. Weeks, D., Softly, Softly to Iraq: Removing the Inverted

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping

administration policy toward South Africa. He places the necessity for targeted sanctions in the context of both international relations and race relations within the United States.keywordsSouth Afric...

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