Dr Dawa and Tsering D. Gonkatsang

. Outwardly, it tends to be yellowish-maroon or copper coloured, and again some come with the exterior covered with a veneer of oily dark cream. Some resemble the back of a frog; others crack easily. Whatever the type, inside, if cut, there appears a gradual accretion of a cancerous growth that has left

Jay Spaulding

circumstances; harsh repression may well provoke extreme responses, while an environment in which escape is possible may influence the mode of dominance. Indeed the survival of the slave system itself may depend upon the existence of escape valves for social pressure such as prox- imity to maroon communities

Richard Fletcher and Robert A. Carter

identify with it and who are known as the qabail” (Melikian and Al-Easa 1981 : 1: 79-98). 32 The first towns on the Gulf littoral appeared during the early 4th millennium bce in what is now southern Iraq. These settlements are now marooned hundreds of kilometres inland by millennia of shoreline change