Richard Walsh

from God in the form of minimalist and abstract art (e.g. his discussion of the sublime in Newman’s art and in Rothko’s Black on Maroon ). The argument resembles Paul Schrader’s claims about 
the theological values of the style of the cinema of Dreyer, Bresson, and Ozu. ­(Harvey’s critique of

Slavery and Inhumanity

Keith Bradley’s Legacy on Slavery in New Testament Studies

J. Albert Harrill

outlining “Maroon societies” of absconding slaves and other fugitives familiar from the modern history of slavery in the Caribbean, Latin American, and the United States. 10 
 If scholars who followed the Mainz Academy misinterpreted the meaning of slave resistance, they also tended to misuse the classic

Keith Bradley

between slave-owner and slave was always a matter of negotiation. Despite the one-sidedness of the sources the process is occasionally recoverable. The case of the maroon-like revolt led by Drimakos on the island of Chios may be cited. 5 
 Admittedly it may well be that slaves sometimes, perhaps often

Taylor Weaver

the ranks, and the pitiful state of non-historical-critical methods. Though speaking specifically of ‘theory’ in this context, the umbrella is wide, and it is indisputable that many biblical sub-sub-specialists feel as if they are ‘marooned in a small rowing boat or huddling on a small island on a

Stephen Moore and Yvonne Sherwood

. Self-reflective articles writ- ten from an acknowledged perspective of privilege and majority are ever in short supply. at being said, visions of victimhood can only go so far. e image of traditionally minded biblical scholars marooned in a small rowing boat or huddling on a small island on a globe