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A Life and Career: Jonathan Z. Smith (1938–2017)

Russell T. McCutcheon

point he was making in reply). 9 Only if they had read the delightfully meandering and, at times, revealing, interview in the Chicago Maroon , an independent student newspaper, back in June 2008, 10 would readers know that the tree-trunk of a cane that he always had with him in later life and on

H.J. Rose

down a hole ; it turns into an "Armenian", i.e., a supernatural being of more or less diabolical nature, she marries him, and the rest of the story is approximately Bluebeard 22 ). An episode in a longer and more elaborate story from the same island, Fear, brings the hero, who has been marooned on a

Dan Martin

) Physical remains relics (sku-gdung-gi ring-bsreo: In the upper, east part of the inside of the 'vessel' (bum-pa), a tooth of Bru Nam-mkha'-g.yung- drung'66 marked by two white mustard seed like relics (sha-ri-ram). A dark maroon colored letter 'M' which appeared on the heart of Stag-la of Khyung- po. A