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Dimitry Queloz, Anselm Zurfluh and Hervé de Weck

James Alexander

metaphor, but limited. For the reactionary might well see himself more as Captain Bligh or Ben Gunn than Robinson Crusoe: a subject of mutiny or marooning rather than shipwreck. Or he might see himself as Captain Kidd: a pirate seizing the ships of the others. Even if nostalgia is an aspect of a

Maryanne Kowaleski

; many deserted and others had to walk home across Europe, supporting themselves by begging. 90 Spanish seamen marooned in Bristol for supposedly evading customs duties were forced to sell part of their cargo to buy food, while a Breton ship driven by a storm into the north Devon port of Ilfracombe was

Dienke Hondius

mention him. He does mention slave revolts and resistance as a contemporary “danger,” however. Throughout the British, Dutch, and French colonial empire, slave revolts and Maroon activity increased rapidly and was high on the agenda of Konijnenburg’s contemporary slave-owning neighbors in Amsterdam