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Ana Beny, Teresa Espejo Arias and Juan Pablo Arias Torres

leather, apparently goat or sheep skin, in dark brown or maroon tones. MS . L -14029 from the Malaga Provincial Historical Archive is covered in vellum. This is a re-used document in a thick parchment. The external face is the yellowish hair side, but internally there are remains of a carbon ink script

Maryanne Kowaleski

; many deserted and others had to walk home across Europe, supporting themselves by begging. 90 Spanish seamen marooned in Bristol for supposedly evading customs duties were forced to sell part of their cargo to buy food, while a Breton ship driven by a storm into the north Devon port of Ilfracombe was

The Language of Letters

Southeast Asian Understandings of Ottoman Diplomatics


Annabel Teh Gallop, A.C.S. Peacock and İsmail Hakkı Kadı

still have their original envelopes. The Kedah letter of 1824 was enclosed in an envelope of white cotton with the name of the addressee written directly on the envelope. The two letters from Aceh, dispatched a year apart, were sent in identical richly brocaded maroon silk envelopes, implying that the

Sadik J. Al-Azm

tire of complaining about being stranded in a Jew and stranger-ridden country that keeps lumping them with 38 Negroes, Blacks and other such inferior types. Rushdie describes London as "a Crusoe-city, marooned on the island of its past, and trying, with the help of a Man-Friday underclass, to keep