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Heather Macdonald, David M. Goodman and Katie Howe

wrappers across the living room. Torn children’s books, crushed plastic toys, were also strewn across the maroon carpet. A small African-American girl sat on the kitchen counter top as her brother made her some Ramen noodles. She began to scream that the noodles were too hot to eat and her older brother

Hyun-key Kim Hogarth

). “Read All About It” by Professor Green (male solo singer). “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran (male solo singer). “With Ur Love” by Cher Lloyd (female solo singer). “Without You” by David Guetta (male solo singer). “Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO (uncle-nephew male duo). “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5

Diana Patterson, Janette G. Simmonds and Tristan L. Snell

. Colbeck recorded more in his diary about the return of the marooned dogs than he did the return of the men. Apart from Bismark, only one other dog perished. Four returned in a “pitiful state, covered in blood—[they had] been trying to kill a seal … [and] expected a good hiding” (Colbeck, 1899, April 28

Joseph Adjaye

. Diasporan Continuities Several studies of African-American time concepts and practices, from slav- ery to the present day, reveal fascinating fundamental continuities between the temporal orientations of Blacks in the American diaspora and those of their African homeland forebears. The Maroon groups of

Kevin K. Birth

increase in intensity and frequency of crows between first cockcrow and dawn (Fabian 1992, 96); the Ifugao of the Philippines state that cocks crow four times during the night, with the third cockcrow at around four o’clock in the morning (Barton 1938, 64n1); and among the Saramaka, a maroon group in

Jo Alyson Parker

“the usual Corruption of Words in England ” (Defoe, Robinson Crusoe , 4). 3 The Norton Critical Edition compiles several of these urtexts under the heading “Contemporary Accounts of Marooned Men” (227-38). 20 J. A. Parker / KronoScope 11:1-2 (2011) 17-40 But rather than regarding Robinson Crusoe as

Sophia Menache

called maroons, from the Spanish cimarron, or dogs reverted to the wild state. Public edicts to exterminate these pernicious creatures were common. But Tankiz, the powerful ruler of Syria in the reign of Al-Nasir Mohammed, went one stage further and ordered all dogs in Damascus to be killed (various