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Devon Dick

Introduction From the early eighteenth century, the Maroons, runaways from British colonial slavery in Jamaica, were perceived as freedom fighters. They won concessions from the British military in a historic treaty of 1738, but they have a chequered history because of the role they played in

Judah M. Bernstein

Committee of the Zionist Organization during World War i . Marooned in the United States for the duration of the war, he established there the Provisional Emergency Committee of General Zionist Affairs, which was led by Louis Brandeis between 1914 and 1916. Levin proved to be an accomplished propagandist

Garnett Roper and Esther D. Reed

. Devon Dick takes us back to 1865 and the role of the Maroons in the Morant Bay Freedom War. As becomes apparent in his richly historical piece, the heritage of the Jamaican peoples in their struggle against slavery is both contested and contentious to the present-day. The Maroons were runaways from

Garnett Roper

was continued by the Maroons and Tacky’s rebellion, reaching a climax in the Christmas rebellion of 1831, led by Sam Daddy Sharpe, a Baptist deacon. 18 Sam Sharpe: Moral Leader Delroy Reid Salmon, in Burning for Freedom: A Theology of the Black Atlantic Struggle for Liberation , asserts that