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Ada Raev

after the first five-year plan initially brought Georg Kolbe into disrepute with the National Socialists, who came to power in Germany on January 30, 1933. After the war—despite his commissions for the Nazi regime, including two statues for the Berlin Olympic Stadium 43 and the sculptural group


Musya Glants

in a concentration camp in Germany shortly before the liberation. People told us that he lay on a plank for the last couple of days, unable to move, exhausted and weakened from starvation. It is terrible to think of the things he witnessed as a Jew during the years of the Nazi occupation. Being an

Musya Glants

God gave me back my life but required me to become a sculptor Vadim Sidur 1) I, a Soviet youngster, Was killed by a German bullet. “This is the end,” was my instant thought. Neither my mother nor my father could I remember. I just sank into the watery mud At the bottom of the

Musya Glants

heroic aviator who, after being captured by the Nazis and surviving the horror of the German camp, was treated as a traitor on his return home? Artists assimilated the styles of the neglected masters of international Modernism along with the newly discovered Russian avant-garde. A new wave of young

Musya Glants

explain what happened when at the time of our farewell I took the little ring off my finger, the present from my uncle killed by the Nazis in the Jewish ghetto, and gave it to a strange woman in Germany, who, despite all my words, had the chutzpah to take it. The ring itself did not have any material

Marie Turbow Lampard

, where for many years he was head of the Department of Sculpture at the Latvian Academy of Arts, which now bears his name. Olegs Skarainis (born in 1923), a Lenin Prize winner for his work on the Salaspils Memorial to the Victims of Nazi Terror , designed in 1959 but not built until 1967, was a pupil of

Synthesis in Motion

The Dance Theatre Work of Benjamin Zemach in Los Angeles

Karen Goodman

from poems written by Hannah Senesh, (1921-44) a heroine of the Hungarian Jewish underground executed by the Nazis was one such work. Zemach also continued to be a presence in the Los Angeles dance scene, as illustrated by two concert programs. On May 10, 1958, the Seventh Annual Festival of the Arts

In Search of Eden

Bronislava Nijinska in California

Lynn Garafola

and a flute sonata, combined and orchestrated to make a part of a magnificent ballet.” 2 Nijinska had come to Hollywood at the invitation of Max Reinhardt, the famed German theater director, who went into exile when the Nazis came to power. She had worked with him in 1931, on a production of Jacques

Musya Glants

of social power. Buying a new translation or the latest book from a popular author was as difficult as buying Jugoslav or German boots or an expensive foreign coat. The spread on the big dining-room table was prepared with taste and care, and the sparkle of the goblets and silverware played against

essays in this Festschrift are not about Kandinsky. Although also a well-known scholar on the artist, Rose-Carol Washton Long chose to write about the works of two German modernists, George Grosz and Otto Dix, and to discuss the treatment of Jewish subjects by these artists shortly before the Nazi