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Mwizenge S. Tembo

being like NAZI Germany under Adolf Hitler if it is not already. North clearly portrays the apartheid economy as being parasitic on the impoverished economies of the South African region and the impoverished economies of the South African region and the black ramshackles inside South Africa known as

Sandra J. Wurth-Hough

a violent one. In the last chapter, Nqrth appeals to Americans and westerners to bring their conscience to bear on the South African situation. He does this by indicating how foreign investments bolsters the apartheid regime, how the racist regime is on the brink of being like NAZI Germany under

Kofi Buenor Hadjor

place in Nazi Germany, and other parts of Europe. Principles pertaining to human rights were incorporated into the work of the United Nations to demonstrate the international opinion that the modern post war order was going to be more humane and enlightened. Article 55 of the charter declared that the

Daniel F. McCall

this is proved by the "Nazi theories" of German superiority to the French since "the French are Negroes"! "They show, in fact, that the Black influence on the Mediterranean is no secret for any scholar: they pretend to be unaware of it, yet use it when they feel so inclined" (p. 117-118). If white

Leadership , Evil and Future-Generations Orientation

Towards a Global Conversation of Cultures

Sohail Inayatullah

instrumental in recent ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia. Nazi leaders would also find these issues unproblematic. Indeed, Wendell Bell argues that the origins of the futures field are partly with the "social engineering in the early days of Communist Russia, fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. "35

Rhetoric and Rivalry

Arrow of God and Present-Day Nigerian Politics

Diri I. Teilanyo

in the UK ; Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm  X in the USA ; Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany, et al. Even in sports, rhetoric is known to have played some critical roles, such as in the mouth of the legendary boxer

Heribert Adam

preoccupies both ideological systems. Drastic state measures against work seekers and their dependants with the wrong passport is reflected in the treatment of Turks in Germany, Ghanains in Nigeria, or Cubans in Florida. That they are foreign nationals, not entitled to the privileges of the host society

Miron Rezun

were made in this period on 11 Bahrein and on territories in the Persian Gulf perceived to be inhabited by Arabs of Persian stock. Claims to Soviet territory-particularly to Soviet Azer- baijan and parts of Central Asia-were also made in private to Nazi officials at a time of great sympathy in Iran

Roberto Gaudioso

this very philosophy culminated in Nazi Germany, and we know the consequences of this philosophy. The oldest is not necessarily the nearest to our true Being, neither does it have a mandate to rule the present. It does not greatly matter whether we are the real true heirs to the “Stolen legacy”. What

António Sousa Ribeiro and Margarida Calafate Ribeiro

of a Nazi”, “child of a missing person”, “child of a political prisoner”, “child of the Colonial p”. The assumption of such an identity is entirely contingent upon active processes of remembrance in the framework of which private, mostly family memories may be projected onto the public sphere and