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Johnson, Ronald W.

for Hitler's government. Kuhn's leadership embarrassed the German foreign ministry as well as German-Americans who opposed the Nazi regime.keywordsGerman-American Bund; Nazi Germany; U.S.-German relati...

Moss, Kenneth

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 12: The United States, Europe, and Asia between the World Wars | Biographical Studies authorMoss, KennethimprintDelaware History 17 (Fall 1977): 236-49.annotationParticularly in the period 1933-1940, Messersmith helped shape American attitudes toward Nazi Germany. He

Smith, Arthur L., Jr.

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 12: The United States, Europe, and Asia between the World Wars | U.S. Relations with Europe authorSmith, Arthur L., Jr.imprintThe Hague: M. Nijhoff, 1965.annotationSmith offers a history of the relationship of German-Americans to the rise of Nazism in Germany and of

Zucker, Bat-Ami

.keywordsAmerican diplomats; Nazi Germany; Jewish refugees; persecution of the Jews...

Mayers, David

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 13: The United States and Wartime Diplomacy, 1941-1945 | Biographical Studies authorMayers, DavidimprintInternational History Review 8 (November 1986): 550-72.annotationThis article examines Kennan's views on Nazi Germany and Europe's future during his European

Shafir, Shlomo

never, however, suggested any proposals for the rescue of Jews, for he considered the humanitarian issue secondary.keywordsGeorge Messersmith; Adolf Hitler; Nazi Germany; anti-Semitism; diplomacy...

Adler, Les K. and Thomas G. Paterson

Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia: their ideology, foreign policy, authoritarian and dictatorial governments, and trade practices.keywordspublic opinion; perceptions; Nazi Germany; Soviet Union; totalita...

Friedman, Max Paul

their German-American citizens during World War II. Friedman shows that, while there were undoubtedly some Nazis among those so interned, these efforts cast a net so large that many dedicated enemies o...

Adler, Les K. and Thomas G. Paterson

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 14: The United States and the Early Cold War, 1945-1961 | Regional and Bilateral Studies authorAdler, Les K., and Thomas G. PatersonimprintAmerican Historical Review 75 (April 1970): 1046-64.annotationBefore World War II, Americans saw Nazi Germany and the Soviet