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Evan H. Potter

into stark relief in early 2017 when media reports surfaced that the maternal grandfather of Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s then newly appointed foreign minister, had been the Editor-in-Chief of a newspaper in Nazi-occupied Poland that had published anti-Semitic articles. The timing of the media reports

Judit Kuschnitzki

’. 43 In diplomatic theory, ‘moral integrity’ 44 and ‘good moral character’ 45 have traditionally been described as essential qualities. Yet it appears that the content and nature of such morality claims have not been examined in great depth. Paul Seabury’s study of German diplomats during the Nazi

Christian Lequesne, Gabriel Castillo, Minda Holm, Walid Jumblatt Abdullah, Halvard Leira, Kamna Tiwary and Reuben Wong

1914 and was naturalised as a French citizen in 1935; Stéphane Hessel, the son of a German anti-Nazi writer and translator, was born German in 1917 and naturalised French in 1937. During the Cold War, the Quai d’Orsay recruited several sons and daughters of Russian and East European émigrés in France

Matthias Maass

after Hanoi had at least formally conceded to Germany’s wishes. Restarting coercion was not an option. Moreover, Germany had growing moral concerns, which restrained any further expansion of forced deportation. As Kuno Boese, a Member of the Berlin Parliament stated, referring to the Nazi era: ‘Forced

Corneliu Bjola

fell on deaf, if not hostile ears. 11 Almost in desperation, he took the matter in his own hands. Despite the intense pressure applied by the German government, Dodd refused to attend the annual Nazi party meetings in Nuremberg in an attempt to deny Hitler public recognition and to distance the United

William Gaillard

politics into direct contact. The Nazis insisted on playing a last football match between Germany and what had become the province of Ostmark in April 1938. The Austrian victory provided a meagre consolation to those opposing the Anschluß . This was dramatically tempered a short time later by the

Stuart Murray

sporting competition as a testing ground for the nation or for a political ‘system’. German Nazis, Italian Fascists, Soviet and Cuban Communists, Chinese Maoists, western capitalist democrats, Latin American juntas — all have played the game and believed in it. 1 Considering its longevity, utility and

Gad Yair and Sharona Odom-Weiss

scathing reaction from then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, because the Bush administration urged Israel to take steps towards a future Palestinian state. Reflecting the Israeli trauma, Sharon ‘invoked the image of British appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich in 1938’ as a parallel to what the United

Dan Caldwell and William G. Hocking

side-effects, including heart failure, psychotic episodes, addiction and withdrawal. Nazi Germany’s top health official, Leonardo Conti, was concerned enough to try to limit the use of Pervitin by the troops, but was unsuccessful. 30 Members of the us military also used various drugs to combat

Tomoko Akami

as the (former) USSR and Nazi Germany, founded a permanent state insti- tution for propaganda — the Ministry of Propaganda — as part of their regime. In a diplomatic crisis period or war, they would strengthen its capacity. More liberal democratic regimes, as we have seen during the First World War