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Ryan Dunch

Nan Nü 11 (2009) 65-101 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/138768009X12454916571805 N A N N Ü Christianizing Confucian Didacticism: Protestant Publications for Women, 1832-1911 * Ryan Dunch (University of Alberta) Abstract  e printed Protestant missionary

The ‘Third Spreading’

Origins and Development of Protestant Evangelical Christianity in Contemporary Mongolia

Denise A. Austin

voting constituency (Byambajav 2013; Jamsran 2012 : 134). While some work has been done on the resurgence of religion in Mongolia, little research has explored the rapid growth of Protestant evangelicalism. Purevdorj Jamsran ( 2012 : 130), former director of Union Bible Theological College, pastor of

David Sneath

power relations and the dynamics of public and personal encounter. The dynamics of Christian missionary conversion is also the theme of Denise Austin’s paper ‘The ‘Third Spreading’: Origins and Development of Protestant Evangelical Christianity in Contemporary Mongolia’. In this case the subject is

Tara Sinclair

develop the concept of ‘Protestant Buddhism’ (1988: 4), arguing that colonial contact with Protestant Christianity initiated a re-discovered emphasis on Buddhist medita- tion and philosophy. The situation in Kalmykia suggests that the move towards unmediated doctrinal study is not necessarily a product of

Sergei Abashin

Weber’s idea, expounded in The Protestant Ethic , according to which the emergence of capitalism (or industrial society) happened in parallel with a transformation of religious ethics, and these two changes were even conditional on one another. Weber related this theory of development not only to the

N. L. Zhukovskaya

the same status as the hundred or so other religious organisations in Buryatia. These are: Buddhist monasteries ( datsan ), Orthodox churches, Old Believer ( Semeiskiye ) communities, and new religious centres such as those for Bahai, Krishnaism ( Obshchestvo Soznaniya Krishny ), or recent Protestant

Anthony Garnaut

history, Zhang Chengzhi was the first to write on Jahriyya history with reference to a range of manuscript histories. 9 Accounts of Jahriyya history also exist in English, Japanese and French. Protestant missionaries in Northwest China had shown a working interest in the local Muslim community since the

Noble Paganism

Orientalist Discourse on Tibetan Buddhism in Nineteenth-Century Russian Polemic Literature

Nikolay Tsyrempilov

colonised. However, in the Catholic and Protestant missions of Africa and Asia, a belief in the priority of spiritual service over state interests dominated. As this was expressed by one of the British missionaries in India, ‘I believe that our position as the ruling power puts a dead weight on the

small- scale pastoralism, these activities were suppressed or eradicated during collectivisation (and have subsequently reappeared in new forms). In the same period, Nusu shamanism was violently repressed, along with the Protestant evangelism that had recently started spreading through the area. This

Hildegard Diemberger

up being read in light of Nazi and Second World War history, and contributed to making him a controversial and later largely ignored scholar (Preston 2009: xii). Born from a strict Protestant Scottish family, Waddell studied medicine and joined the army as a medical officer. In Burma he started to be