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J. Bruce Jacobs

had become predominately Protestant, though a significant minority did remain Catholic. The son and successor of Charles V, King Philip ii of Spain (r. 1556–1598), became one of the world’s most powerful rulers. Early in Philip ii ’s reign, in 1568, the seven provinces of the Netherlands under the

Jonathan Sullivan

primarily led by Protestant pastors and Catholic priests who maintained close relationships with their followers. Here Taiwan’s media hybridity gave rise to a fractured scene, as different tendencies attempted to capitalise on their most favourable information channel. Taiwan’s recent protest scene reveals

Lucille Chia

printing and the introduction of Western printing techniques in the Qing are also presented as part of the story, as is the efforts of Western Protestant missionaries in the nineteenth century in experimenting with blockprinting (and typography). Chapter 2 on the invention and development of movable

Elise Prébin

of each participant are set on tables forming a U in the centre of the room in front of a little platform. %ere is a piano, a cross and a South Korean flag at the back of the room. From the wooden lectern engraved with a Protestant cross, 38 the individu- als previously mentioned deliver brief

Judith Schlehe

Confucianism an official religion was promulgated in . at means Confucianism now joins Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism as one of the formally recognised faiths of Indonesia. At present there is a considerable revitalisation of Chinese–Indonesian cul- ture. At the same time people of

Xavier Paulès

local elites to form anti-opium societies, granting them authority and prestige. %ese newly formed anti-opium associations zealously committed themselves to intense anti-opium propaganda. 29 At the same time, foreign Protestant missionaries continued to pursue the work they had engaged in a few decades

Michael D. Shin

Publishing and Society 1 (2011) 145-175 have been superseded in ‘normal’ capitalist development, were the ones who enabled the print world to develop into a large-scale industry. Christians played a direct role in the founding of the first vernacular news- papers in the 1890s. The first Protestant missionaries

Emily Mokros

late imperial China ( Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press , 2006 ). Miao Quansun 繆荃孫 , Liulichang shusi houji 琉璃廠書肆後記 ( 1911 ) ( Shanghai : Zhenchu tang , 1925 ). Milne , William , A Retrospect of the first ten years of the Protestant Mission to China ( Malacca

Stinky Tofu and Smelly Cheese

Food and Identity in Taiwanese-Foreign Couples’ Conversations

Yvonne Chi

the couple’s different views of cultures and religions. Maria refuses to make fish dishes by claiming she does not know how to deep-fry or steam fish. Tony and Maria share a similar religious identity, even though Tony is a Protestant and Maria is a Catholic. They disagree about how the rice should be

Elvis Bisong Tambe

influencing citizens’ voting decisions. Steven Rood shows that, surprisingly, religion had little effect on who voters preferred in the Philippines (rather than whether or not they actually voted). 30 For example, Fidel Ramos won the 1992 elections despite being a Protestant in a deeply Catholic country